15 Basic Steps & Tips to start your first blog writing..

Introduction with Blogging :

The first thing you should need to know that blogging is one of the most passionate way to spread out your thoughts in addition with your own knowledge on a specific topic. Blogging is also like an analytical writing in digital way to analyse what you are writing. Now a days, blogging is seemed to be the most popular and useful way now for digital marketing world. Blogging can be done on several topics and for several purposes in the different professional fields.

My Personal experiences with blogging: A Short Description about how I got interests and inspirations to start my first blog. 

[This part is only about my journey to start my first blog post. If you want or if you feel this part not so worthy, you can avoid this part and can go direct to the main topic on blogging. This part is based on my personal views only but I  shall be obliged if people like to read !!]

Personally speaking, I enjoy it when I write about my thoughts, my opinions freely and even I can share my knowledge of learning with my friends and followers who often appreciate me for my work. I have started writing since 4 months and had received good responses from many of my visitors. This makes me more inspired to write again & again. Although at the very first I was not even so interested to write rather than reading a lot at online. But later when I started writing just as a try out on WordPress and unexpectedly got some good responses from people, it makes me enthusiastic to write more. Even it gives me a best way by which I can analyse my thoughts and knowledge on whatever I have learned either by reading books or by reading several blogs at online. That means, blogging not only gives me the way of writing but also to learn & share my thoughts with a lots of people who are also interested to learn the same topic like me and this helps me to learn more. You can say, it is a very good practice by which you can grow up your power of thinking at the same time when you are learning, and also it will help you to improve your writing skill. People who are appreciating me for blogging, are the main inspiration to carry on my writing and I believe, if you wish to start your blog like me, you can also get well feedbacks from your visitors. Learning is fun, and getting good responses is the reason of my interests about writing blogs. Always motivate yourself with something new to do with your innovative thoughts. Follow your ideal and favourite writer whose writing  can make you inspired to start yours.

I have started my writing first on WordPress and after getting good responses from my visitors, I thought about to create a social online platform of blogging by which I can make other people interested to start their writing at online too. I have created another site on WordPress named Thetechlearner to let people learn about more things on Technology. As I write my blogs on most of the topics of Technology, so I started writing on it with more professional view. Later I choose another way of writing to share my blogging experiences and my learnings with other people who are enthusiastic like me to start their blog. People of this days are spending maximum time on Internet with no-purpose mind where other kind of people believe like me that they can start their earning with some online activities and that maybe the way of blogging. Though I am not the Pro-blogger or any Freelance blogger, I am still now a hobbyist blogger to make myself prepared and experienced for my future goals to earn money by blog marketing. At present I have founded an Educational  Tech-Blog site  which is Thetechlearner  to inspire others for blogging. To make them motivated to start something new and so on. I think it is a good way to spread out the knowledge and benefits about blogging. Even I have my another blogs also on Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Blogspot and more.

From another points of view, blogging is the best way now for a small business or even for all the online marketers who are about to launch their business product by promoting a blog or by offering a guest blog. Blog Marketing is now the part also of Affiliated Marketing which gives a blogger more earning by his blogs. For a business professional, for a digital marketer, for a pro-blogger blogging matters mostly for their earning. So they always keep themselves engaged to increase their followers as well as to improve their writing skill to get more visitors for their product selling, for Internet approved earnings or for any other small business.

Let’s back to our topic on blogging: 

Blogging can be done for different purposes from different points of view like:

  • Business Product launching or promoting blog or it can be a blog to describe the user manual of a product to their respected customers. Otherwise a blog can also be written on any business oriented learning matters like Digital Marketing tips and techniques, Social Media Business management  etc.
  • Educational purposes to learn about several kinds of topics which we need to know for our daily life. This can based on any kind of topic.
  • Social lifestyle blogging i.e., writing on the true incidents of our daily life’s facts and about the experience, gained from our life. What is happening around us, the society, the political issues, its effect on our life everything is under it. Also it can be like any philosophical concept for blogging.
  • Personal Blogging like sharing your personal experiences, your thoughts, your opinions, your passion, your likes or dislikes etc. You can write also stories or poems or whatever you will like to write about. It totally depends on your mood to write on which topic you will prefer to write.
  • News blogs or articles are very common and we are even familiar with it. News blogs are about updating us with current news. Recent incidents are the topics of a News blog.
  • Communication type blog means writing blogs on any kind of solution for people to get rid of their problems. That means you will be a blogger to tell the people about every the solutions when they will ask you for their problems. Example: suppose someone has any difficulties to control his phone’s software updating, in that case you will give him tips to get an easy control to update his phone’s software. By this process of blogging, you can communicate with several kinds of people to give solutions to them. This is the kind of blog to let people know about every types of solutions to solve their problems which arise from our daily life facts and incidents.
  • Another kind is like learn something and then sharing your learnings with your followers.What you will like to learn will share it in your blogs. Sharing your learnings can be like educational blogs also.
  • Poems or Stories can be published as a blog in a personal blog. In that case the blog will be based only on poems and stories.
  • Reviews of any book or on movie is considered as a blog. Also if you want to share your own analytical thoughts on something matters in an article form then it will be also considered as a blog.

So, these are the points of view in accordance to my thought to be a blogger on a particular topic.

Here I am going to tell some basic tips to make yourself a passionate blogger.

TheTechLearner (1)
How to Start your Blog :            Image credit: Thetechlearner
♦ Some Brilliant Tips to start your Blog now:

15 Basic Tips to start your blog with confidence:

  • Choose Topic: Choose a topic on which you will go to write. In the term of blog-writing, the topic is known as Blog Content. Now it depends on how you will choose your blog content. According to my suggestion, choose those topics which you love to learn, you want to know more, and want to tell other people about your thoughts on that topic. Because what you will love to learn, you will like to write, what you want to know more, you can analyse them with your thoughts, can tell people to let them know more on it, that means sharing your learnings with your own analytical thoughts. So, first of all select those topics and items, make a list and study on them. When you will go for writing, you will need for such information which are related to your subjects and other materials. Remember Content is the king, so you have to make your content more powerful. Focus on your content, as a starter, it will be better to focus on one topic at a time.
  • Choose Platform: If you are going to create a site on your own domain or want to launch a self-hosted site, then it matters on several issues like how to present your site to visitors, its layout, its site pages, its designations, development, its maintenance, updating site’s pages views, its other features, its promotions with Ads, traffic analysing and maintaining your visitors etc. But as a starter, most of the junior bloggers like to start their blog journey either on Blogger.comor on WordPress.com or beside of that they also use Medium or on Quora . Choosing a platform is very important before start a blog. At the very beginning you have to concern about your site’s presentations and about its site traffic analysing system  to count both your viewers and your followers at a time. In that case, WordPress.com  or Blogger.comis ideal as they will give you every features with well maintenance and you can easily focus on your blog writing and content developing without any headache of site maintenance. It will give you a full freedom only to focus on your content and you don’t have to think a lot about your site’s page management or any other elses. Lets discuss about each of the above mentioned platforms:
    • Blogger.com : Blogger or Google Blogspot is a very familiar blogging platform, offered by Google, that enables several features included with site themes, traffic analyzer, a friendly writing pad where you will get every types of options to make your blog perfect to view. Blogger is like an ideal platform for a starter because its features are very to easy to handle. Even you can write here in any language in which you are comfortable to write a blog. It is totally a free handling site to use. It offers to give a domain name to your site address where the suffix ”blogspot.in” will be added after your given name. Example: yourblogname.blogspot.in. If you desire to promote your site, the “blogspot.in” suffix will be removed. But before you have to first improve your blogging skills. 
    • WordPress – WordPress can be considered as the second stage after you have skilled well to write blogs, because WordPress has more features than Blogger. WordPress has two types:
      • WordPress.com  : WordPress.com is a free platform of WordPress to write your blogs but it is not totally free. It offers several professional themes where you will get some of them free to start a free blog or some of them can be available by paying money if you start your blog as more professional. It offers you to give a domain name for your site address where a “wordpress.com’ suffix will be added after your given name. Example:yourblogname.wordpress.com. But you can remove the wordpress.com suffix by paying monthly charges or yearly charges to get your free domain. More over you will get some professional plugin tools and other blog managing tools to make your blog more efficient for professional purposes, but you will get these features only when you will go to promote your site. WordPress enables more professional features to write your blogs. It has those free features to publish your new blog in your every social media timeline automatically after publishing it. It presents a professional view to read your articles as well as it will give you several types widget to use in your site to make it more professional. As a starter you can go for its free offers to try at the best of your beginning level. In that case you may get some free tools to use. But it has many free themes to present your site as professional and its widget are also free to use. Most of the beginners start their blog journey with these free features of WordPress.
      • WordPress.orgWordPress.org is the professional platform to buy a self-hosted site and it’s domains and it is for those who are working as a blog marketer in Digital Marketing fields or for a professional freelance blogger. It gives custom themes, that means you can also create your own site theme by uploading your own developed theme or you can choose a ready-made theme, offered by WordPress.org. Choosing means you can select a free theme or you have to buy to have another professional themes. You can add your extra needs to your site them. You have to first purchase a self-hosted domain name for your site and then have to purchase a theme where you can apply plugins and some other professional features which will make your site ranking on Google, Yahoo and you will get a well traffic analyzer with effective tools of SEO. Also you can add Advertisements and promoting objects by its Professional tools like BLUESHOST, YOAST SEO PLUGINS, DREAMHOST etc by paying regular or monthly charges. You will get more features to  writing to make it best like you are the one of the higher class blogger. It will enable you the Digital Marketing or Blog Marketing advanced tools and features to launch your blog in professional  presentations. But to apply it, you have to first make yourself as more skillful professional. One important thing to mention that WordPress.org is more featured than WordPress.com.
    • Medium – Medium is not like blogger or WordPress but you can publish your every blog in a professional manner and can promote it in paid methods. Medium enables a platform to tell people about your blog, like a story to spread out among several bloggers. A useful friendly pad to write and easy to publish platform. You will get followers and also you can follow other bloggers here. Medium is basically used to publish your existing blogs for more traffic and to spread out your blogs among more people to read. You will more readers by posting here your blogs individually.
    • Tumblr – Tumblr is like a social media platform but you can make your own site with tumblr.com suffix and can promote it for more audience to see. It is  a platform like you can post every types of contents, that will be posted like a social media view. Also like Medium, you can post your existing blogs here for extra promotion to get more visitors to increase your site traffic at a time for hight ranking SEO on search engines.
    • Weebly -Weebly is another platform  to launch your creativity and  it is used for almost every purposes. You can create a site with whatever theme you would like to create. As same as the others, it also shows a suffix, named weebly.com which will added after your given site address name but can be removed by promoting it with a few cost. It enables an attractive colourful design to make your blog more creative with a wonderful layout. Also it has widget to make your site more attractive for promotional purposes.
    • Ghost – Ghost is another friendly platform for your blog as a starter. It is easy to handle like blogspot, that offers a free writing pad to publish your blog in a general form. It will also give you good features to launch your blogs.
    • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an optional platform for bloggers. It enables to connect with more people to follow and read your blogs. It enables a blog writing pad to publish your blog on whatever you will like to read. In more details, linkedin is platform for professional publications. You can connect with several Digital Marketers and other professional bloggers to get help from them. It will be better to choose LinkedIn as an option to publish your professional blog to get response from another professionals.
    • Guest Posts: Guest post means publishing your blogs on any other blog site. That means you can publish your blogs on another popular blogging sites where you will get external followers i.e. the followers of that blogging site will also become your visitors to read your blog. If you can make a well impression among your visitors with your guest post then you will also offered from other site to write for them. This is not a specific platform to write but enables a visitors basis or blog popularity basis platforms from one site to another. But this will also make you a popular blogger too!!
  • Give a short url name to remember: Dont give a very long url name for your blog otherwise it will be difficult to remember for your visitors. Give a url name that is perfect with your site content and easy to remember for your followers and other visitors.
  • Check out Social Media Trending News: Check out all types of essential and current updates related to your topic and study on those updates, available from other professional bloggers. This is important because as a blogger, it is your responsibility to provide your followers the regular and current updates on your topics, so that people will like to read your blogs to get their daily needs to know more. Regular posts with current updates make more follower to gain success. Choose most viral topics and start writing on it. It will bring you more readers at a time.
  • Improve your writing skill: Improve your writing skills by reading other professional’s blog, related to your topics. Dont copy others, write your blogs with your own language and that makes a unique identity of your blog. But observe carefully how the other bloggers managing their content in their blogs in point to point form. The more you read, the more you can write. Grow up your word skill that makes a well impression among your visitors and followers.
  • Confidence: Also write in such a style where you can give your followers every information with your full confidence. One thing I would like to say that if you write anything with confidence, your follower will believe your blogs information. That means make your blogs trust worthy to your visitors. You have to build a trust between you and your followers and that will be possible when you will be enough confident to write your blogs. Every information, when you will provide in your blogs, add your thoughts, your opinions, your experiences with it. People will like to read your blog when you will be a confident writer.
  • Communication: Communicate with your visitors on their comments and also with other professionals on Social Media sites to get tips from them. You have to keep your self updated first to give your visitors the updated information in your blog. Communication is very necessary for a blogger. Make a well interaction with your followers on your blogs. Share your opinions and also  give them chances to share their thoughts as well. Even sometimes you can also get tips from your visitors to improve your blogs. It happens sometimes when your one of your any visitor can give you extra information as per their knowledge, in the comment box. In that case you can discuss with him on that topic and can get well ideas which you can add in your blog.
  • Use relevant keywords: Use relevant keywords for your blog headings. Dont give a long heading for your blog, otherwise it creates the problem to gain the high ranking for SEO. Using relevant keyword for your blog will make your blog more easily available on search engines like Google or yahoo when visitor will search the topics which are related to your blogs. Also relevant keywords help to find out blog your more easily to read. Use headings with good keywords that can make your blog title more interesting to read. If your blog title is able to create an interest among several visitors to read it then your site traffic will automatically increase fastly.
  • Publish on Social Media: Publishing your blog on social media sites will help you to gain more visitors at a time. This will increase your site traffic as well as SEO. Publish your every blogs repeatedly and alternatively on social media platforms. This is called Engaging post. Engaging post help to gain more and more followers and visitors on the same blog repeatedly. It boosts up the SMO(Social Media Optimization). SMO is the technique to have a well traffic on your social media sites which will help you to connect your blog site with more visitors at a time.
  • Use Google Translator: Use a Google Translator widget on your blog site. So that, every kind of people from anywhere can read your blogs even in their own language. This will make your blog more familiar among those visitors who often like to read blogs in their own language or they feel comfortable to read articles in their own language.
  • Use images and videos in your blog: Use several images in your blog to make it more attractive to view. Also if possible, upload videos in your blog which will give an extra credit point to your blog. Images make your blog more professional to view and also it is helpful for SEO.
  • Give Source Links: Give source links from where you have collected all your information. Sometimes source links add an extra benefit that you have studied well on your topics before publishing it on your site wall. It represents that you have published approved information in your blog. So that people will get interest to view its original and they will like get further information on a particular topic from you.
  • Give categories and Tags: Add categories and Tags in your each blogs and mention them in your site’s front page. categories are the way to let people find out their suitable blogs to read. Tags are sometimes used to let people easily find out your topics on a social media sites when you will post them. On the other hand like In WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr tags are used severely to get more followers to read your blogs. Also I would like to suggest you to keep updating your blogs regularly and then notify your visitors about your updated blogs. Updates blogs enables more visitors to read your blogs. Even it will present your old blogs as a new blog with its new additional information.
  • Give an About Page: Give an about page on your site to let people know about you, your thoughts, who are you and what makes you motivated to write blogs, about your site, its purposes and all. It will make a clear impression among your visitors.
  • Add a Contact Page: Adding a contact page will give you all chance to communicate with your visitors. A well communication always makes a and well impressions among your followers. Even your visitors will give you more ideas to write on. Also give a subscription page to subscribe your newsletter of your blog.

So these are some basic before you start your first blog post.You can visit my site at Rajdeep Das which is made by WordPress.

♦ Conclusions:

Conclusions on Blogging:

Blogging can be done for fun as a hobbyist blogger or can be done as a Freelance Blogger. Do you know what is Freelance Blogging?? Freelance blogging or a Freelance blogger means who earn money from their blogs i.e. professional bloggers who get involved into the world of Digital Marketing with their blogs. Earning with blogs are called freelancing with blogs either by guest post submit or by affiliate marketing with blogs. Hobbyist blogger is the one who just write blogs for fun or to make experiences or about to learning, as they love to write as they love to learn and as they like share their thoughts with unique creativity. Now choose which type of blogger you want to be. All types of bloggers are creative person in my opinion. Select the path first and then go with your blogs. If you want to be a freelance blogger then I would like to suggest you to reasearch on those professional bloggers who are earning a great amount from their blogging. Connect with them on Social Media sites. Get tips and use their approved tools to achieve  high audience increasing rate for your blog. There are so many ways to start your blog career as a freelance blogger. In that case, study more and consult with other experts, know about their experiences for writing blogging then start yours. All your hard work will make you a successful blogger.

If you like this article then like/follow the blog and feel free to comment below. Also share this blog to many to let others know about blogging.

This blog is originally published at my official site at Thetechlearner.

.Thank you,

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Author: Rajdeep Das

Blogger, Fountainhead of Thetechlearner, Student of Computer Application, Tech-lover, Mobile-Photographer, Social Media Blog Publisher

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