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A little Introduction :

I am Rajdeep Das– Your friendly neighbourhood blogger !!

What this blog stands for?!
– A blog to share some knowledge, a blog to share inspirational thoughts, a blog of imaginations, a blog to share some life-motivations, a blog of ruthless dreams, achievements and so far- That’s all me in myself, just want to share a little with you.

Let’s see if I can be your friend or not!!!!

I am not a professional writer though, but a hobbyist blogger & a geeky nerd who likes to write on technology, cyber security, travelling wonders with a little bit of sharing my life experiences in amazing photo-frames!! (You know, I am a shutterbug too!). Wanna share my goals & achievements, some of the life hacking tech thoughts along with my opinions and case studies, want to share about my passions and the motivations behind it.

Whatever I like to learn, I do share through my writings. In addition if possible I would like to guide my fellow newbies to start their own blog too!!

A crazy curiosity!!!

I am literally curious to know your opinion on my writings!! So feel free to comment on my blogs.

Ultimately, I don’t know if you will like or not to read my blogs, or may be after reading at least one, you will love to explore more blogs!! It may occur that some of my blogs make you bore but some of them surely can make you addicted to turn back!!! Let’s see what happen!!

Here, I want you to know me and also I eagerly want to know you buddy!!

So let’s cheer up this friendship!

Trying to give you something better!!!… Hope you will like it!!

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Hey, there is a little update for you:

Beside this personal blog, I have also created an official tech-blog where I write most of my articles on educational case studies over technologies and e-learning tutorials named Thetechlearner- A guiding blog which provides the platform to learn several facts on Technology, Blog Science & SEO at the same time. A blog for all the Internet Peers!

Also, I have recently started writing on cyber security, cybercrime awareness and ethical hacking tricks, facts along with case studies at- Hackitalki – An Educational Blog on Hacking & Cyber Security.

Being a Shutterbug, I have also started a new journey at Shutterbug Studio: Stories through the Lens

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Rajdeep Das

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