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A little Introduction:


I’m Rajdeep Das- Your friendly neighbourhood blogger!

Before going ahead, let me tell you first something: What this blog stands for?!
— A blog to share some knowledge,
— A blog to explore some inspiring & wise words told by the great personalities,
— A blog to tell you something weird but with fruitful imaginations in my words,
— A blog to explain The HOPE of life,
— A blog that helps you to find the least simplicity even inside the toughest complexities of life- That’s what life means to us,
— A blog to power up yourself with self-motivation & to believe in our visions towards the future,
— A blog about those hardens & struggles you face before fulfilling your dreams,
— A blog to overcome all the obstacles in your life despite of all those ruthless nightmares,
— A blog to throw out all the negativity & bring the positive sparks inside,
— A blog about looking back to all the achievements & keeping a smile on face to move one by one step ahead in life to achieve a lot more –
——-This is the “ME”! That’s all about me in myself, just tried to share a little in my words.

|| Firstly, Thanks to all of you who have supported me enough to reach this large reader-base today. Secondly, I would love to say something about me & specially about my blog!! ||

Sharing your own choice of words through writing is an eternal happiness in yourself! isn’t it?! Specially when people start loving you for your words, they often try to connect with you in terms of their own castle of thoughts- And this is an honest reason why I love to share my words with all my lovable readers! Whatever be the topic but it represents me, my thoughts, my knowledge & most importantly my writing skill. So yes! undoubtedly I’m a blogger… Although I’m not a professional blogger till now as I’m still only walking on the path of learning the ‘Art of Sharing Words’ & experiencing the joyful journey of exhibiting that wonderful mighty ‘Art’ to my dearest friends & readers!!.

However I can tell you the story of a technology enthusiast as well as now happily carrying the title of a hobbyist tech-blogger who once all of a sudden unknowingly landed upon this blogging forum (year 2017)! Started everything unknowingly since then, now he is knowingly enjoying this amazing journey which gives him the pleasure of his existence through his own words. He feels his words like his own universe. Let’s meet this person, who believes the feelings in words. (P.S- He is none other than me! I know you got it already!)

I can still remember my very first day on this digital platform when I was used to be a NOOB about blogging!!. Even I had no idea about how to start a blog or from where to start, what should be my niche or even if I would be capable to go through these all!! I didn’t know the proper way to write something decent or likable especially when at the same time I was also used to be (may be still now) an English-dumb in choosing the right words for writing. But honestly that was the time, I was really very excited, filled with lots of curiosities to experience a whole new world & truly an ardent enough to build something very special on this platform but somewhere I was lost in hesitations, was a little afraid before starting my first public forum writing. Eventually after fighting with lots of confusions & overcoming all the dilemmas somehow I managed to publish a blog, describing who am I, what I do, why did I choose this new journey & about my ‘true love!’ for technology. Luckily there were few interested techies who gave their first impression on my blog with full support which encouraged me to choose a new identity of a TECH-BLOGGER: That’s what I’m today.

|| What’s the craze I feel behind before writing?! ||

|| What’s the happiness I find behind my writing? ||

>> A geeky tech-nerd who loves to learn a lot & is habituated now to paste those learnings on this digital wall! I usually share my words with a little touch of some ideological concepts as well as some philosophical terms & fact-analysis to properly present the modern-age connection between the mankind & technologies lying on the bed of 21st century. Because I believe that tech-talks are not just for learning but also to feel it by heart!. I always prefer the way of ‘learn & feel’ rather than only ‘learn & gain’. Being a passionate visionary, my flow of writing can often touch both the positive & negative sides for the sake of the necessary awareness we need to learn about the today’s ruling technologies on this Earth! I would like to keep my blogging mostly on the tech-niche. Well, you’ll find most of them about digital technology!. I think Digitization is becoming the new definition of life we are facing all around today!! Starting from your smartphone to desktop/laptop, smart TV, smart car, smart home-systems etc all these modern technologies are mostly running severely based on the Internet Applications & we are living on these. But deep inside I truly believe Life is beyond of that.

Now, let’s have some frank conversations also!…

Is there everything about technical stuffs & really nothing else in my life to say??!… Sounds so boring nah?!…

Hey buddy, there is not only tech in the bucket, but a book-worm, a movie-buff & a music-lover like me carries more surprising items in pajama-pockets (pyjama) too! You’ve landed here to meet a kind of person who can dig the hell to bring the heaven in life! A madly me can run on the seashore to find the end-lines of seas, no matter what people will think about me! An idiotic me can look at the nocturnal sky to measure the size of the Milky-Way Galaxy, no matter how much darkness has covered the Earth Surface! Got an idea of my madness right?!!!Ha ha!… Being a bookworm, I usually like to read detective or thrilling stories, sometimes science friction stories, keen to read all about space theories or may be some of the historical characters, fond of reading some technology-documentaries & literally the craziest one to dream about a horrible journey into the BLACK HOLE at midnight (I am really interested in the time-space theory)!! From a stupid daydreamer to stuck in the retro musics at night, I can also eagerly wait for the chance to fly over the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry!! Haven’t received the invitation letter yet!!

>> So guys, let me present a Madly Tech-Chef for all of you who is going to serve some delicious tech-dishes. Would you like to taste it?! I hope you will!

At the end, you will have some desserts also 🙂 !

>> Apart from that, I will often add a small quantity of some spicy ingredients to the regular dishes…. Didn’t get it?!

Actually, being a travelling-soul, I eagerly want to share a little bit of my travelling experiences with a desire to show you few amusing & attractive wonders in some amazing photo-frames!! (You know what! I am a shutterbug too!).

>> Wanna share my goals & achievements, some interesting life-hacking stuffs which I have learned & still learning daily. Let me add my own opinions in a bucket of case studies too. And so forth, without keeping any secret, I also want to share some words about my dreaming-passions & the warming-motivations behind this digital writing-pad.

That’s how my inner soul turns into a blogger & comes out to spread love through my words!!!

>> Whatever I like to learn, I do share through my writings. In addition, if possible I would like to guide my fellow newbies to start their own blog too!!!

Blogging means sharing & sharing means making your mind stress free. It gives you knowledge, power to think, a matured mind, an open heart, good friends & most importantly the fuel to gear up your Life-Engine: The self-motivation we need most in today’s life!.

|| A crazy curiosity!!! ||

>> I’m literally curious to know about my writing quality & so I want to know every passing reader’s opinion on them!! Hence feel free to comment on my blogs. I’ll appreciate all of your words.

>> I don’t know if you will like to read my blogs, but after reading at least one, you may like to explore more of my writings! (I expect that you’re too a tech-worm like me, but if not so, please be that one for a moment!!)

>> It may occur that some of my blogs make you feel boring but some of them surely can make you attached enough to turn back & read again! Let’s see what happen!!

>> Here I want to let you all guys know about me and also I eagerly want to know about you buddies!!

>> So let’s cheer up this friendship!

>> Trying to give you something better!!!… Hope you will like it!!

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Hey, here is a little update for you:

Beside this personal blog, I am also running an official tech-blog since 2018 for all my Internet peers named TheTechLearner- A guiding blog on Technology, Blog-Science, SEO & Digital Marketing.

Also, I have recently started writing on cyber security & cyber-crime awareness at- Hackitalki – An Educational Blog on Hacking & Cyber Security.

Being a Shutterbug, I have also started portraying my new journey at Shutterbug Studio: Stories through the Lens

Thank you         

Not a good looking guy! I know that! ;-p

Blogger Rajdeep Das
Rajdeep Das

So lots of things to see at the same time on same page & it seems to be confusing for some of you right?! Don’t worry, I am with you 24*7 hours here! Whenever you want, you can meet me here!

Now take a long breath & have a cup of coffee in one hand to experience an awesome journey. Hopefully my Blogo-Land will amaze you! Need no tickets, no luggage, no transports! only need an Internet connection & here you go with collecting lots of reading-fun!

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