My Passion for Blogging: The way, I am going with my blogs & Thetechlearner

A Blog by Rajdeep Das. About the journey with Thetechlearner from the very first stage while unable to write a blog and now the Founder & CEO of Thetechlearner Blog- The vast Global Networking site to learn about Technology & Blog Science. Know about How everything was done. Read this article and follow/ Subscribe the newsletter to learn more.

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Hi Friends, after a little break I am back to write again for you. As the title I have given to this blog, you can assume that this blog is not like my other tips-giving blogs or any kind of suggestive articles or informational blog. Here, I am going write about the journey I have started since 5 months ago and want to share about every step where I have learned about blogging through blogging which has made the passion inside me to start something new with my ideas along with my writings. Everybody has their blogging journey. Today here I am going to tell about mine.

The First day of my blogging: Unknowingly rising my passion for blogging:

Before going into any details I would like to say that this blog is about my passion for blogging, my activities on blog-writing, Content Making, SEO by promoting and so on the about my Internet Activities through blogging. My personal opinions about my experiences of last 5-6 months after spending a lot of time on blogging.

It was the last week of December 2017 when I opened a site at unintentionally, without having the proper idea of blogging and even there was no any purpose of opening an account in WordPress. Previously, there was a site I had created in in purpose to create an educational platform on Web Developing,  Web Designing, Software Tools Analysing, Artificial Intelligence Theory, Modern Technology, Programming, Photography art and Science and so on. Everything was fine to go with such an educational site for all those interested Web Designers and Internet Entrepreneurs, but that was not so sufficient as I wanted to have some ideal ways to get the most responsive good results for Online Working or activities.

After a few days, I heard about WordPress from one of my friends who is already a Famous Youtuber and a site owner at WordPress with so many Digital Marketing Activities. Therefore I opened a site at WordPress but I was not so familiar with this blogging or blog writing. Although I am a regular reader of so many popular blog sites and had a basic concept of blog writing but that was not enough for me to write a blog at that time, even there was no any intention to start a blog. The site at WordPress, I have created at that time, just to try something new with the online activity where I especially wanted to create a community by making Educational Forum to learn a lot of thing on Internet today. But I was confused about how to start and what to do at the very stage. After browsing for a long time on WordPress blogs related to my suitable topics, I got my tips to start my first blog and somehow I got a very little interest to get started. Though my first blog was about myself, my motivations, my dreams, my internet activities and so on. As usual, an introduction blog about myself at the very first step, can’t be so able to receive good responses from visitors. My second blog was then about to share an article on Facebook- A Social Media Management  Skill by Creating Messaging Apps and its Development, the making of Messenger Kid. This article got good responses from a few of visitors, they started comments, I got more responses after sharing them on several Social Media Platforms. Long day after, I posted my another article on Hacking tips which got the highest views on social media sites & till now it is the highest view gainer blog here. This made me more interested and I got a little inspired to go with it. I found that it can be a nice way to build a community through the blogging media. Because after came across to WordPress, I realized that today, a large number of people is also very interested to read blogs on several topics which started from any popular news site to every social media sites where people are engaged mostly. On the other hand, there are so many other newbie bloggers arose at that time who was interested like me to carry their blogging on the Internet to earn money. Though I am a Hobbyist blogger till now and experiencing the blogging media randomly. Therefore I was keeping up my writing after having such the motivational ideas by getting lots of responses from my readers regularly. Day by day I received good responses from many people, belonging from different countries and it was being increased my number followers on WordPress. Moreover, I found some famous professional bloggers on the Internet and got tips from their blogs which helped me to improve my writing a lot.

Developing my writing and it becomes my hobby:

Developing the writing skill is not so easy on the first try. It is a long time process to develop your writing skill to earn more traffic and viewers. But very frankly to speak, there is actually no limit to developing your writing, the more you will spend your time on writing, the more you will improve, the more you will learn and can identify your weaknesses which creates obstacles in the way of your writing. First of all, you should take care of blogs with your respective information and have to regularly update them. According to me, a passionate blogger is the one who is enough interested in the topic which he/she want to write about. Blogging can vary on different types of the topic as I have already written an article on it. If this is personal then you can write about your life experiences, your own thoughts or opinions etc where an informative or professional blog refers to the descriptive information or tips for the welfare of the readers.

There are lots of readers you can find on your blog, readers are several types of to exist. Depending on your topic, depending on your information according to your reader’s choice, you can choose that suitable topic on which you are enough wise to write and even you can enjoy to write about. What you love to learn or to read can be the best choice to write as the topic of your blog. You can tell your learnings and can share them with your own thoughts to let other people know about the same topic more and more from your blog. A Blogger is the one who not only writes for his readers but also learns by writing.

In the last 5 months, I have also learned a lot about Internet Activities throughout the world social communities of blogging, about the most powerful technology blogging media, social media analyzing, content marketing and so on. So the question is How I have learned these all??!!- The Answer can be defined in one word and that is my passion for blogging. The more time I have spent on blogging, it gives the freedom to learn a lot about my favorite topics and then after having a long time study I got engaged to write in my own language with my own thoughts and those people who are the regular visitors or readers have been appreciated me for my writing. It always doesn’t matter that how many people have responded to your articles by commenting on them or how many people have followed you by liking your blogs. Because of only the increasing number of followers doesn’t mean about your huge popularity as a blogger, rather it is a very primary and common thing to have happened at the first time of blogging today, as most of the newbie bloggers can earn these respects from their readers genuinely if they dedicatedly try it. That means if you get very active responses regularly for your every blog then it is considered to be one of the best blogs of yours to be ranked on search engine result page.

I have seen some newbie bloggers like me and even on this WordPress that, if they have not any good responses from a particular blog, they either delete it or reject it as a useless blog and then go for the next blog to write. Here I would like to mention about my personal experiences that, those particular blogs should not be rejected or deleted if they have the minimum information to show. Each blog with meaningful information or description is valuable always if you have the correct choices to make the blog available to every kind of people you want to reach. In simple words, a blog can’t have a limited space to share, or in other words, only to write a blog and then waiting to receive something praised comment or feedback is not the correct way. If you want to be established on the Digital Marketing platform as a professional blogger, then you should have to go for a hard work to share them in your different social media profile’s timeline. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, Tumblr and so on. This Social Media nowadays is the most powerful platform today to earn a lot of visitors and traffic at the same time randomly. But yes, sharing or promoting your blogs on social media sites also needs some tips to get more traffic in the fastest ways.

A professional blogger always tries to gain the huge number of traffic and wants to reach the mountain peak height of viewer’s record per day. These all facts depends on various matters related to your blog writing and blog promoting individually. Nobody is the perfect writer for the first time even if he/she has the great knowledge of a language. All are depending on your dedication and hard work and the love of writing which makes the sense of passion. Having a good knowledge of writing is really appreciating but to make it as your professional skill is actually mattered for your blog writing to gain the more to more readers in a short time and this is the main thing which I think, every newbie bloggers should have to earn. Like I am still learning a lot of things about writing and about the other thing of blogging. I am also a learner, so what I learn, I make it my topic to share it with my readers, just making the difference by adding my own opinions which make the specialty of my blog. My words and my own thoughts are the identities of my blogs that differs me from the others.

There are so many apps today to improve your grammatical issues while writing a blog. Every professional blogger is suggesting to search for those and to use them to make your blog perfect to read. Those apps are only to identify your grammatical mistakes, but the words and other perspectives of writing are depended on you only. So in this way after spending many of my days for writing, I came to know about lots of thing about writing, the scientifical ways of writing which have helped to improve my writing. I have also described those matters in my Thetechlearner blog.

Founding of Thetechlearner: My another blog which is the most popular today on Search Engines to several Social Media sites.

So let’s go back to that point where I have mentioned of that time when I have created this personal blog. As I said above, I am an enthusiast of learning about modern Technology, Software Developing through Programming and so on. This personal blog was my only platform to write about my learnings of my suitable topics at that time. Later I decided to start a professional looking blog which will be my not personal but totally an educational forum to learn about all types of professional technology news or about the SEO, SMO tips for blogging and so on. Just to have a try out of this, I created another site at and finally this time, I was going with a planning to creating a site. After creating this site, I was confused to give a name to this site. I thought so many names and then at the first stage I named it as “Techbook”.  But later I found more other sites with this same name on Google and worried about having the well SEO for my blog. Because the same named site sometimes creates troubles to have the proper SEO. So I started to search for different types of the name on Google (I always Google because it has the best services as a search engine among others). After spending a lot of time I discovered a name on which no any proper site was found on Search Engines, and then I go for that name for the site and changed the previous one. My site named then as ” Thetechlearner”.

Thetechlearner is an educational blog to learn about the latest interesting facts about Technology and Blog Science. Technology refers to Hacking, Cyber Security, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Dark Web, DarkNet, Dark Net Black Marketing, TOR, Web technologies, Virus Protection and so on. This was the first niche of the blog I started to write on Thetechlearner. Later I started to know about more thing blogging, Digital Marketing, Blog management, Content Making, Blog Promoting Organically, Site Traffic, SEO, SMO and so on. So I decided to also write about these things to share for many to many as possible because of most of the newbie bloggers was confused to earn traffic. Thetechlearner till now going for the last 4-5 months respectively and surprisingly received a huge number of traffic each day. Getting tons of traffic and plenty of comments with feedbacks and backlinks have made it a famous site on the Internet. Though it is running organically, it is gaining remarkable traffic and SEO on SERP. I have already written an article about this Thetechlearner to introduce it to my other followers and readers. 

Most of the bloggers at WordPress, I have seen that they only focus on the number of followers and the number of likes they earned for each blog. But that is not the correct way to having the huge traffic. As I said before, a blog can’t have the limited space rather it has to spread out for different platform. Traffic only varies on the views or on the readers and it doesn’t mean that all the readers are ready to like your blog which they read or to comment on them or to follow you. Sometimes they just keep your bookmarked on their browser instead of following it. I am experienced through it. Some of my Thetechlearner’s followers have commented on a blog that they have just bookmarked my site, and I have noticed that their bookmarking also helpful to earn tons of traffic if they regularly check out our site.  Yes, the large number of followers and likes increase your popularity, but focusing on the traffic is the fastest way to make it tanked on Google. Even, if you want to search my site “Thetechlearner” on Google search engines, you can see all the links and backlinks are shown as result on the first page of Google. Also, if you search for the “Founder of Thetechlearner”, Google will show you the long description along with my own photo and also the other links of my site and about myself, my internet activities will be shown on the top rank of SERP.

Now Thetechlearner is enlarging in the fastest way and has been growing up by its popularity, as I received there regular new follows, lots of comments along with above 500 billion of visitors as per the record of each month. The total process is going organically but successfully that Google has taken it to its very first page of search result. I have also taken this site to promote on several platforms like in TwitterFacebookReddit, Medium and also on, and so on.

Thetechlearner has recently ranked on the 7th position among top 10 influential educational blogs on the vast community of IndiBlogger Blogosphere and also selected as one of the top 25 tech-blog WordPress sites on India today which are running organically. So, on the whole, it is going till now successfully. I am not a professional or regular blogger but keep going with these individually and randomly where many people are engaging day by day simultaneously. I am trying my best to give them my best performance if possible.

It was no easy at the first time to gain such traffic or views, rather I have also faced some difficulties about losing of followers sometimes. Even I have faced that time when the traffic was being decreased day by day and that was the time I took a risk to stop blogging on Thetechlearner for a particular period of time and started learning about several blogging tips from the professional blog site like ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agrawal. This blog became my mentor to overcome all the difficulties and to recover the traffic for my site. I got interested then about these Blogging tips, SEO system and engaged to write on them.

I found other bloggers especially on Quora who were facing the same problem like me by losing loads of traffic day after day. After Joining Quora I have learned many great things which have added an extra value to my Thetechlearner blog today. I am so much thankful to those mentor bloggers like Harsh Agrawal or others whose tips are helped to get the solutions to my problems of blogging. On Quora, I have joined several Groups where I have answered so many questions, asked by many newbie bloggers like and I shared all my learning and my experiences of blogging. They got their solutions from my answers and also joined my Thetechlearner blog. I have used Link Building tactics which enables a lot of traffic as well as backlinks to my blogs. So Quora became is my also space for learning as well as to promote my blog organically. Also, I have written some blogs on Quora, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, Blogspot and so on.

So in this way, I am going with Thetechlearner with loads of followers and regular visitors. And these days after sometimes having random blogging, sometimes I feel myself like a “Digital Nomad”!! As I often keep myself with online activities where my maximum engagement is about of blogging and blogging. Here just one thing I would like to mention that don’t lose your confidence just because of losing the followers from your blog or your fan followers from social media site. Rather, try to catch out the obstacles on your way and search for a solution until you reach your goal successfully. Confidence in the positive mind is very necessary for every newbie or entrepreneurial bloggers to have a remarkable record of success even if you are facing your difficulties. Give respect to your difficulties, because of whenever you are facing such types of problematic situations, you have to target first to get the solutions and that is the smartest way. When you will find out the reasons for difficulties and can overcome them with the possible solution, you will be more strong as a blogger and that will automatically help you improve your writing.

The problem has to be overcome with all your confidence but don’t let them defeat you in the way of your dream of success. Once you overcome all, you can give your best to best performances than before. Read sometime motivational blogs and keep yourself motivated always. That’s the point every blogger should need to keep in their mind. Whenever I face any difficulties in my blog, I always try to catch out the reasons to get the solutions fastly. It takes times but at last, it takes me the peak of the highest ranking on SERP by the name of Thetechlearner. But also trying my best to give more and more blogs for my readers. If you are a blogger, Carry your blogs with your passions, you will find your next way to go. Need Passion for everything you do. Blogging also needs the passion for writing and passion for learning. What you do is your identity. So keep your identity in a unique way.

I write blogs after having a study on more than two blogs. Even I always try research and try to follow the way by which the most successful bloggers are doing their work at its best. I don’t try to copy them but try to understand the tactics they apply on their blogs and also follow those tools and tricks that make their blogs more professional to read. All I have learned, I especially apply them in Thetechlearner rather than my this personal site. Thetechlearner is going with many phases of learning. Not only blogging but also it enables various tech-news from several popular sites.

To Know more about Thetechlearner, visit this link:

What are the techniques I prefer for myself to write a blog?

I use several techniques and skills to promote Thetechlearner for more visitors. Such as:

  1. Promoting on Social Media and getting tons of traffic organically
  2. Promoting them on other blog sites partially like in Google Blogspot, Medium, LinkedIn and so on.
  3. Using Link Building Tactics
  4. Commenting on others blog, related to my same topic with my one blog link.
  5. Following the rules of Social Media organic Content Promoting rules
  6. Communication with more to more people
  7. using Images and trying to improve writing skill to get more traffic blogging
  8. Choosing the right niche in according to my visitor’s choice

So these are some basic techniques I use for my blog. There are more techniques I have which are described one by one at Thetechlearner. Thetechlearner has more to go. Learning and sharing is its theme and motivational thought for all learners. Last month by canva 2018 this poster was made for Thetechlearner in purpose to promote it on Social Media sites.

Thetechlearner poster by Canva 2018


Every professional bloggers have realized that after writing and publishing a blog, the next most hard-working is to publish them on several social media sites randomly and communicate with your followers to read your blogs to have a good traffic. So only publishing a blog is not the end of the work. After publishing, there is a another responsibilities are waiting to be done. Those who love to blogging, can manage them easily. Writing is a creativity which need the passion, the passion for writing. Learning is fun, so learning a lot of thing will enable you to write more and more. It gives me the freedom to give a physical form or written form of my thoughts. It is also a platform where I have made a community of other bloggers and learners to connect with each other through learning. An online social blogging forum to learn and I can communicate more easily with lots of other bloggers and interest readers randomly. It’s all about my passion and confidence to write because after having so many days blogging I love to write now. Yes, I can’t get enough time always to keep my blogging randomly but I am trying to write whenever I get a chance to share my opinions with my friends and followers. What I do is totally possible by the motivation and inspiration, getting my regular readers. Their enthusiasm and encouragement are giving a value to my blog which make my dream to be more successful. So this journey was started when I was not so capable for writing and even not so familiar of writing blogs and now its became my best hobby and passion that let me create Thetechlearner, I would like to suggest those newbie bloggers like me to keep blogging with passion and do something for your readers which can connect you with your readers more clearly and closely. Be confident as you can do everything if you do it with passion. I am also learning like you. So let’s learn more and Grow more.(Quote of Thetechlearner)

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Thank you,

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  1. I am passionate about writing. Be it poems, inspirational articles, articles about feminism, quotes, thoughts, I just love writing. I used to put everything on my journal and do nothing about it, other than letting a few friends read it . A friend of mine, more of a mentor, told me that I should do something about my writing . That’s how I ended up in WordPress.
    That’s a beautiful journey and thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I appreciate every blogger to share their thoughts and writing for a large number of people to read. It’s not about the popularity only but a satisfaction & happiness for every writer when their writings are read by so many people from different countries and places. Nice to hear your story. Keep writing 🙂

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  2. I have loaded your website in Three different browsers and I must say this website loads a lot quicker then most. Would you mind contacting me the company name of your hosting company? My personal email is: %EMAIL%. I will even sign up through your affiliate link if you’d like. Bless you


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  5. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else encountering problems with your blog. It appears like some of the written text within your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This may be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Cheers


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  7. Good day! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.


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