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I have already written above 10 blogs in my blog-site and have got good responses from my visitors/followers/readers. So now I have thought about to create a Tech-blog site where I will publish my all blogs which are based on Latest Technologies like from Web-technology to Hacking and from Artificial Intelligence to Cyber Security or Cyber Attacks etc. I just want to spread my Tech-Ideas & Knowledge among those enthusiastic people who want to know & learn more about these today’s technologies briefly in the way writing blogs.

This is my personal site( ) where I can publish any type of blogs as I wish to do but in that Tech-blog site which I have created is only for technology basis discussing topics, it is like e little learner site where you can read Hacking Blogs, like Android Hacking, WiFi Hacking, the way to surf the Dark Web or Deep Web or to learn about the Difference between various types of Programmers, Coder or Developers, Web-technologies like Web-Designing or Web-Developments, about Programming Languages, Data Structures or Data Mining & even also about Cyber Security, Attacks and its risks and the way to keep protected your devices etc. More over you will get the Latest Tech-news in one place. In general, the tech-lover people often get their essential Technology News by reading blogs or news from various types of sites individually. Here, this Tech-site will gathered all the Latest Technology News from many popular sites at one place & visitors will be more able to read them easily, no longer they have to search their daily tech-news by surfing them from one site to another, i.e. it will save your time from wasting it by surfing and surfing!!. I am not telling that you have no need of searching your Tech-interests but just offering that, if you would like to visit this site where you can find several kinds of interesting blogs and you can choose your suitable blogs there to read in easier way as possible. There( will be published several types of knowledgeable blogs written by Popular & expert professional  bloggers in the Tech-news portion.


Thetechlearner or you can say is that Tech-blog site that will make people learn about those interesting technologies included with Web-Technology, Android/WiFi Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Database Programming, Coding, Cyber Security, Cyber Attacks, Web Design & Developing, Malware viruses information, About Dark Web & Deep Web surfing and on many more topics on technologies. Just find out your suitable choices to read those blogs.


Why ??

I have founded this to make people able to know more about these Latest Technology oriented information. This is not only because people of these days use so many types of devices like from Android to PC,Mac, ios, Laptop/Tab etc but also to help people learn something new about these Technologies. As we know that the world is changing with the upgrading of Technologies & even almost everything of now of these days are totally depended on High-tech Devices or machines & we can see that from the Official Works to our Entertaining purposes. Beside of these reasons, the another most important reason is, will try to make people, get more interests on technologies. That’s not so easy to do but I think it’s a good start-up by trying to spread out the knowledge of Technology among many people to learn something new on it and to work on it as per their own choices. I am trying to make a Thetechlearner Community in which people find their all queries on Technology.

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8 Interesting Reasons to get Interests on

  1. In our daily life, we can see that people are using several types of devices like android, PC, Tab or something like other devices in their regular life for their daily needs. These devices are became so easy to handle and even comfortable to carry often and the result is that, people are already addicted to it heavily!!. But most of the people don’t know that how these devices are working or what is the main architecture behind it that helps it to work properly in according to the user’s choices. Some people have their basic concept or idea(Except experts or the people who know it very well), but most of the people don’t know about the working process behind these devices. That’s the main reason when we get into trouble while using these devices, we are often unable to check out the problem & to fix it. Here in this case will trying to let people know a basic concept or to learn something ideal necessary things & the most important points that will help people to fix their problems or at least to know the primary things which are actually need to know.
  2. Thetechlearner is made also to create more interests for technologies among all the people, as the technologies, now-a-days, are being upgrading itself in a very fast process that common people need to know more about this and have to make themselves too fast as the of technologies are. That will make them up-to-dated about this. For example, Online sites are created usually for many purposes like Online shopping, ticket booking, Educational purposes, Learning or training, Downloading Musics, Apps, Tools, Softwares, Movies, Documents, Games, Pictures etc. In case of Online Business, the commercial sites are made up with HTTP & HTML protocols, but now the question is “How many people are familiar with these terms??”  May be most of the people don’t know or they will think that they have no need to learn about these terms!!. Ok that’s quite fine!! But what about those people who want to make their entrepreneurship or startup business with the help of online services??!! In that case they must need to hire a professional programmer to design & develop their sites. But still I think it will be better if they have a least knowledge about these protocols or about the way the sites are made up of, that indexed into the WWW and are searchable by our traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. i.e.  the people who are much interested to get involved into the world of Digital Marketing or the Social Media Entrepreneurship, have to know something of Web Designing or Web Developing to get a confidence before startup. In this case, will help to learn about these easily. Also if you want so, you can check out the News Feed of Thetechlearner where you may find out your necessary Digital marketing tips for your Entrepreneurship.
  3. In the field of Education, is a very ideal site to learn something new daily. It will help the visitors to know & learn about those current updates of  technologies and will help to grow our general knowledge about the technologies. It’s necessary to  make students more able to learn something more on technologies who are much interested in the word of technology. The researches on technologies, the awareness of cyber attacks, cyber security, Programming everything will be possible to learn easily. Even, the way by which is trying to make a good interaction between the common people and the Artificial Intelligence, will impress the visitors surely. Lets know more about the great things & mechanisms of AI systems. More over there are so many blogs you will find like Hacking, about Deep web and Dark Web more briefly and about its anonymous networks too.
  4. In case of Cyber Security, we often heard about the terms, related with Cyber Attacks, Cyber Risks, Hacking, Cyber Crimes and many more. also contains those blogs from where people will learn a lots of things to keep their PC or android or Routers more safely. How to keep devices safe from black hat hacking or the Malware Attacks etc are also described there. About those antivirus which are really helpful to make our devices safe & secure, mentioned there.
  5. You will find so many types Tech-News which are collected from many popular tech-sites. So that, you will be able to read various types of blogs from so many site at one place easily. These Technology news are based current Updates from famous sites. This is the great advantage to know about something new at
  6. To grow your general knowledge in the field of Computer Science or Technologies, will be ideal for the Next Generation Tech-blog site and as a Learner site to help you in this case. will provide the visitors such updates news & current affairs which will help to increase the general knowledge.
  7. To know about the Reasearch Theories on which the IT Administrators and Computer Scientists, Programmers, Ethical Hackers are working for, is now present all for that purpose also.
  8. is a start-up Tech-blog site & a Latest/Newest Entrepreneurship Tech-Source from which other bloggers will surely get inspired to write their own blogs by collecting the knowledgeable tricks & techniques from this site to apply their own sites.

So, please Visit to know about it more briefly, this is newly published site, so more have to go with it. Help us to make it more enlarging and to spread out it  among more interested people. Help us & be supportive with us to make a huge Techlearner Community to spread the knowledge more & more. Also give your suggestions to make it more successful.

“Update yourself with Upgraded Technologies” ↔ “Know and Grow fast”

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5 Best & Most popular WiFi-Hacking Tools which can hack WiFi in wireless connection easily….

Hacking WiFi with Wireless tools…..38735827-hacker-on-a-computer

In the field of Computer Science & cyber security world , hacking is now the most discussing matter as the number of hacking or to breaking of the cyber security illegally is increasing day by day. Hacking is now even so easy if you do not know programming properly. It becomes easy due to the Cyber tech apps or tools which are helping even common people to hack the victim’s computer or its wi-fi or their online accounts. These tools or apps are now available in the internet through any website or from any app store.

Hacking wi-fi was started with the help of database programming languages & then it becomes more  enlarged after including the Linux Programming or by Kali-Linux installing. It comes preloaded with all the necessary apps to hack wi-fi and even email, and social media accounts. It comes with hundreds of tools to hack anything and can even add more. You can even install Kali on android device. But to use Kali-Linux ,you have to need proper programming knowledge because Kali-Linux needs program to take action which you want to do. But there are also some Wireless free hacking tools which will make u a proper hacker to hack WiFi like WPS or WPS 2. Just have to install the apps or tools and the hacking of wifi can be done as much as easily possible.

Here is a list of TOP 5 WiFi HACKING TOOLS available in market to hack WPS easily & safely:

  1. AIRCRACK-NG(Linux Tool): AIRCRACK-NG is one of the famous tool for hacking helps you in cracking the  passwords  of wi-fi.
    its includes packet sniffer, wireless network detector,WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK cracker and has analysis tool for wireless LANs. More over AIRCRACK is now also considered as one of the most useful & best hacking tool used under Kali-Linux to hack WiFi password and get the system hacked easily.
  2. NETCUT(Windows): NETCUT is also another window-based wi-fi hacking tool used instantly to break  WiFi Protection System. Its driver and installation package has been upgraded these days and also tested  to working under windows both 32 bit and 64 bit respectively.
    Netcut will disconnect any wi-fi device from network and the WiFi Connection will get full network on your device easily. It’s not in under control of Kali Linux but totally for Windows OS. There are so many versions of these tools as it is being upgraded by the programmers.
    Also to be mentioned that WIFIKILL is used for android application to disconnect the internet connection for a device present on a same network.
  3. KISMET(Linux tool): KISMET is an another master level Linux used hacking tool which breaks the password of a WiFi by detecting the network that is connected with the WiFi Protection System. Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system. Kismet will work with any wireless card which supports raw monitoring (rfmon) mode, and (with appropriate hardware) can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n traffic. Kismet also supports plugins which allow sniffing other media such as DECT.Kismet identifies networks by passively collecting packets and detecting standard named networks, detecting (and given time, de-cloaking) hidden networks, and inferring the presence of nonbeaconing networks via data traffic.
  4. NETSTUMBLER(Windows): NETSTUMBLER is also another Windows-based WiFi hacking tool. Netstumbler is also known as network stumbler that can easily find wireless signals being broadcast within range. As it works within the range, so that its function exists in a very limited circle but also to be mentioned that it is one of the most strongest tool to break WPS.
  5. WIRESHARK(Windows): Wireshark is a wi-fi packet sniffer, which is an essential step in actually breaking into someone’s wireless system. This is one of the most powerful hacking tool that will crack the WiFi Protection System & will hack the password by hacking the total network connection and WiFi Connection Security and then it will be taken under controlled by the this tool user.

So these are the 5 top  WiFi Hacking Tools by which one can now easily get involved in hacking the WPS  or WPS 2. But also be carefull to use it as it is necessary to have a minimum knowledge for hacking . Also need some skill full programming knowledge to  use these apps more easily. These apps are fastest also to execute. Besides of these hacking tools, there are also some other well-known wi-fi hacking tools like SWS Scanner, Cowpatty, WIFIKILL, to hack the tp link of router DUMPER is the best for cracking tp link WPS pin. And also there are another hacking tools in app store. Keep in mind that, as these tools are became so famous, there are also some false apps, spreading in the app stores or some similar types of apps which are like resemble of the original one(s). So firstly be aware of those apps before installation. I am not saying that the similar types of apps will not working but it is your responsibility  to keep safe your devices from the wrong apps that may harm your cyber security itself. Get updated about this apps before use. Also the user have to be more steady to use these tools and have to be more able to know its usage properly by knowing the terms & conditions. These tools are upgraded day by day as the devices are being upgraded. So use the best one to get the best results.

Don’t use those tools for any wrong purpose..these apps/tools are obviously very useful but these hacking apps can also be hacked…These tools are strong enough to crack WiFi Security System but is not enough strong itself. These tools can be hacked by another master mind hacker also!!! These tools are made of tough programming languages but the one who has efficient knowledge both of that programming languages & skills can hack it easily. So if you are a hacker, there may be another master mind hacker is ready to hack yours!!! so be careful. Besides of these , there are also some anti hacking security software available to protect your WiFi against of these tools. To secure your personal WPS, you can try the best antivirus software like Kaspersky or Norton Antivirus or any other reknowned software. More powerful anti-hacking software can prevent these tools. So you have to check the security system of the victim’s WiFi before hack. Check more details that will help your wi-fi hacking tools to hack more easily.

Be updated with all the latest & upgraded versions of hacking tools & also keep your own system safe & secure because hacking can be done anytime anywhere!!!!!!!

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