Difference between a Programmer, Developer, Coder & an Engineer- Lets clear the Confusion..


Programmers and Developers, Coders and Software engineers- These three terms or titles are often used interchangeably which make confusions among the common people that they can’t understand sometimes whom they have to call if needed. Even the industrial people are often get confused to understand the difference between these three different work-fields & some of them think that these titles are seemed to be the same at work. But the fact is, these are not the same actually. even I was also in confusion about the difference between them. But after reading so many professional blogs online & as I am studying Computer Applications on Programming Languages & Codings, I have now a clear concept about these different professional industrial fields & now going to explain that what is the basic or minor difference between them.

So, lets discuss who is who & what kind of expert you will require to call for a particular job. In reality, it depends organization to organization & even on which field or project they are working for. It can change & mean different things, based upon the situation.

Programmers & Developers:

Developers are those professionals who have the knowledge of at least in two or three programming languages and can write codes awesome, error-free, well factored, easy to run-able. Developers can apply their own algorithmic knowledge to create a sophisticated levels of software coding. They are experts in writing programs with high level languages that are used basically in software projects. Developers work to develop project oriented programs as well as software applications in industries to make it perfect to work & that’s why they must need to have a very well knowledge of so many programming languages with skill-full ideas. More over, due to industrial issues they often considered as a overseers in a software project team where other programmers will develop a software project & a developer will oversee it to ensure that the design of the software project-program is user-friendly & reliable to present it for their clients. While other programmers will write codes to make an application, a developer, there will be present to check its final developing & designations to consider it as well builded, error-free & perfect. In that case a developer will be the direct point for their clients to contact if they need to know any details about the project or application. A developer is also a programmer but you can say that they are the top-level or most expert level of programmers who has the well experience to work on programming field to develop any kind of codes that are used in industrial software projects.


In general, Coders are those professionals who write codes. They are not like the actual programmers or developer because they have the knowledge of just one programming language or hardly in two. They are often called “Junior Programmers” as they can write codes for a primary level but not more than that. They are least trained to make a software applications, or they can write code of mini-level of any software applications. It doesn’t necessary that coders will only be available  in professional fields because they can do any part-time project works to write a small applicable mini-program to earn money. A coder have not the same algorithmic knowledge like a programmer or a developer as they are often considered as the beginner level of programmer and only have skilled to write only one programming languages. They are given the job to write the forthright pieces of codes that can easily delegated by the developers. They are learners, beginners, a very junior level of programmers or developers.

Software Engineers:

The title “Software Engineers” are reserved for highest level or for the most expert coders around. Engineers are well-versed in three/four or even in five to six programming languages and can implement the whole architecture of an applications. They deserve the top-most positions even on the developers also. They are well-knowledged programmers, software project builders whole rules over the programmers on a project team. They modularized a clean interface and then work with the programmers & developers to implement the more comprehensive features of the design of a project. Even an engineer can be the owner of his company who can lead the whole project planning in associated with the other developers. Like a proof-reader, they check out everything all over a project to make it perfect & can manage the business deals with that project. Not only programming or developing, they masters on over all architecture, planning, feasibility studies, testing of a project. They are combination of  another three professions who deals with the high-level of Software World.

So these are the common & basic difference between a programmer, developer, coder & a software engineer. Most of the people who are outsider of industries are confused in some cases to identify these individual terms and even the insiders are also sometimes get confused to rectify the difference.

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