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This post is about the cyber crimes, done severally on social media sites day by day and to learn the initial steps to prevent it.


After a gap of almost 2 months I come back again on my topic. Due to some personal business I was not at my space. But again I am here to present you some Tech & Cyber Topics after writing a lot on Blogging & Social Media Marketing. Read this new article, written by me.  Hope you like it. Have a great day!! 


Cyber Crimes are now the most popular terms, we often hear in the world of the Internet via digital media, done by the black hat hackers. Especially nowadays people are facing this in their social media areas too. Cyber crimes mean those crimes which are done on the Internet media illegally. What we call hacking is actually the illegal rule of breaking the Cyber Security and snatching data or information. Cyber crimes can happen on any website, on any go-through links on the Internet. But on social media, it is done by snatching someone’s private information from their profile. In that case, we can say that the profile has been hacked. There are several types of Cyber Crimes are happening on social media sites. To prevent initially those cyber attacks, we need to know first about a brief description of those attack types and how they take places in the cyber world illegally.  Let’s discuss briefly…

Types of Cyber Crimes on Social Media:

There are different types of social media aka cyber crimes are done by black hat hackers initially, depends on what type of social media profile is this, or the profile belongs to which person. What I want to say is, if the profile as belonging to a common people, then maybe the chances of snatching his/her profile information is less than any public figure (Famous celebrities, Political leaders etc). Because of common people’s profile has not the public value or followers as the public figures have their popularity and hackers, in that case, want to snatch private information to use it against their popularity and maybe for creating any social media violence. Let’s identify these in a list:

  1. Hacking any Celebrities’ profile (Filmstar, Sports, Journalist, Writer etc)
  2. Political public figures (Ministers, Party members, Parliament members)
  3. International businessperson’s profile (or also it is maybe an organization’s social media page itself)
  4. Scientist (Popular researchers, Award Winner Researchers, or recent popular inventors who got popularity for their works)
  5. Common People profile hacking (Threatening, personal data hacking)
  6. Fraud cases by cheating on any transactional matters ( Money loss)

So, these are the types of common social media crimes are eventually done illegally. Now hacking can be done on social media in different ways. Let’s discuss briefly:

What are the common illegal techniques of a hacker which lead to cybercrime on social media profiles & what are possibilities to get hacked? 

Image result for cyber crimes in social media

There are lots of ways to hack the victim’s social media profile and even have possibilities to get hacked.

  1. Password Cracking directly– There are several ways applied by the professional black hat hackers to crack the password of a profile internally.  These are maybe done any professional password checker or editor.
  2. Hacking Email-id– Most of the social media profiles needs email-ids to log in their profile which is used as their user-id, like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in many media. In that case, Hackers often try to hack those email-ids first & then try to log into the victim’s profile through hacked email.
  3. Profile link  & Inspecting the Login page: By using the victim’s profile link and applying some programming tricks, a hacker can easily change the password of the profile (Misusing the account recovering options also) and can log in.
  4. Phishing: Phishing is another most popular technique of cybercrime, especially in social media hacking cases where a hacker will create a same to look fake login page of the original one and will trick the victim to let him believe the fake login page as the real one and as usual the victim will enter their login-id & password on that fake page which will be retrieved by the hacker through IP addresses. Now hacker will store the information in their database & beside of these, the hacker will also make a copy of that retrieved information to send to the original site. This is the process where the victim may or may not understand or realize that his account has been hacked through phishing.                                    Image result for phishing
  5. Via Unverified Apps: There are many types of apps and links are available on several social media sites. Some of them are for entertainment purpose maybe but actually, there are many applications which will come as an entertaining app but will snatch your private data & profile information easily when you will use those online apps. Online Apps on social media like   How you will look like in 2028?” or more, “Which celebrity you look like?!”, ” How will be your life going next year?”, “In which year you will get married?”, “When will you die?”, Who were you in previous birth?”, “What are the specialty in your character?” & so on. These types of apps usually scan your profile information, related to your private information, your photos, your posts & even private chats also. A very tricky way to hack the profile details but will give the full pleasure of entertainment to make the victim fool. Some of the apps even ask permission to access the details of profile and the victim, not knowing its intention, allows to access everything. So this is another way to hack your details. Usually, this type of hacking is done on Facebook, but nowadays there are more techniques, applied which are getting viral in the form of an app.
  6. Browser attack: Another dangerous approach is browser attacking. It means when you are surfing on the Internet from one link to another or gazing between websites, it has a chance when a hacker will track your IP address to know your location & your searching lists from any non-secured unverified link. This hack leads to browser attacking where the hacker will steal all private data from your browser via browser history & stored data cloud which is maybe related to your any social media profile. Through that hacked browser, a hacker can get everywhere easy access while you will open any program or personal profile by giving your password. It will be stored directly to the hacker’s database & the rest will be dangerous for the victim.
  7. Via Go-through Links: On another hand, the victim also faces some non-verified unknown viral links, sent by either unknown person or from any known individual-one on social media chats like in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & even in Whatsapp also. These links are dangerous because they are nothing but just a trick to hack the victim’s browser history/saved-information and even his phone’s private data including his every social media profile’s access data & then the hacker can use it for their illegal purposes against the victim. These links will lead to an unauthorized website which will trick the victim by its visual looks & contents but behind of this, it will hack the internal data from both of the victim’s browser-history & phone-storage which can be harmful to that victim by its misuse. Sometimes, these links, if you click suddenly, can inject viruses on your device to destroy your storage and even can damage your device.
  8. Login to another profile via Facebook or Twitter: You will see there are such websites which will ask you to create a profile on their site in two ways- Either by creating a profile by filling their given form or direct login with Facebook-Id or Twitter-Id. Now, if the site is not secure or not safe in general to handle, and if the victim creates his profile by direct login via Facebook Id or Twitter-Id, there is a possibility to hack your Facebook or Twitter profile easily. Because to log in with your Facebook/Twitter profile, you have to first log in your Facebook/Twitter profile, right?! So hackers now get easy access to your profile when you will log in their website with your already logged-in Facebook/Twitter Profile and all private data will be stolen.

So, these were the possible techniques of hacking any social media profile. Though. there are other processes are existing even depending on the security system of social media through which a hacker will steal the data initially & will misuse it. There are many paralegal cases are occurred especially related to any high-profile celebrity or any political public figure who social media profile has been hacked and then the details the sold on the Dark Web.

Dark Web Involvement: 

Yes, the dark web has its role indirectly on the social media hacking cases, illegally via black hat hackers. As I have previously said, most of the popular public figures, especially the political characters or any political party’s private data or old viral posts can be stolen from their the social media web pages and then it can be sold under the dark web to any unofficial secret agent, belongs to any kind paralegal activist who works for such illegal atmosphere. These have types also. Like:

  1. Official Page hacking: Most of the public figures or parties have their official pages on social media sites. Hackers can steal its private and old data records and even can steal each and every relevant data by indirect accessing of their verified pages. That means, through social media, a hacker can steal all the data and even everyone’s profile who are involved with that official page. In details, they can scan and steal their data from every angle as per their need. Then it can be sold under Dark Web to any other rival figures or to any other individual characters illegally. This brings them money. Most of the professional paralegal or black hat hackers are working on this.
  2. Hacking profile of public figures: As same as hackers can hack and steal the data of any public figure on social media and can hand over them to any rival person on the dark web. Even, the dark web is the place where selling & buying of password & other data, belongs to any public figure, is very common. Now the password and login ids of that hacked profile will be sold via paralegal way in the dark web.
  3. Only Stealing Data & storing them in a Database: Sometimes, a hacker will not hack the pages or profile but will steal only the posted and recorded data from its history and will make a brief record of every detail related to that page. These contents are prepared as a database by stalking or scanning the profile details very smoothly. This records of the database will go for selling under Dark Web. Now, this information sometimes, are taken over to those journalists who often try to collect some specific data about any politician which is in general strictly prohibited to collect. Or, that information may contain any country’s secret royal or political information which is forbidden to investigate. Those are getting viral by hacking initially.
  4. Threatening: There are several other cases also where the victim will be threatened by the hackers anonymously on their own profile. This is called Cyber Threatening. Even via anonymous links, they can steal all the password and login-id details and the full account will suffer the congestion of Dark Web’s paralegal activities.
  5. Forbidden Viral Post transferring: In other cases, sometimes viral posts which are going against of the privacy & policy of any specific social media sites like on Facebook & Twitter, are removed by its authority itself. Those posts if saved initially from that social media site by in significant time can go viral under the dark web. Those viral posts may contain any illegal or against of rule contents of a political case and even maybe like illegal or forbidden videos like pornography or anything other else.
  6. Social Media Gambling: People like social media freaks, especially those people who often get engaged in any public post for a bet are relating to this point! Social media bets often create violence again its privacy & policies, even these make an illegal betting or gambling on social media. Hackers can get into these chances to steal money and information both. On another hand, gambling is done illegally. So these all lead to a hacker to move the data and privacy to dar web circumference by hacking.
  7. Fraudsters on Transaction via social media: Admins or Digital Marketers who carry their marketing strategies via Social media profiles, often invest some money via e-transaction to that social media community which is called promoting your content on their media. Now if there is any hacker lies between you and the community, they steal your money while transaction. That means, they will break your profile’s security initiatives. On another hand, many apps or advertisements you will show on your news feed whose names are never heard before but is coming randomly in your news feed who will offer you some good stuff instead of a cheap price. Now if any interested person or any newbie digital marketer, invest some money via debit card to that non-verified authority, his debit card details can be stolen and can be hand over to any anonymous mischief. These fraudster hackers are engaging with social media sites and finding the chances to steal money and debit card details via fake transaction. Now those details of debit cards are transferred under the dark web to any paralegal activist and they can steal all money. This is one of the cruel cases happens on social media sites due to the lack of awareness.

Hacking of private chats on social media sites:

Hacking of private conversational-data or private chatting information from someone’s profile is another side of cybercrime. Generally, in most of the private chats, when a sender sends messages, it becomes encrypted while sending away & at the receiving time it becomes decrypted so that the receiver can read the actual message. That means when you will send a message to any individual one, it will be passing over to the receiver in the form of an encrypted data packet and while receiving the data packet, it will become decrypted and the receiver will see the original message. The Encrypted form of messages is also called Ciphertext. This is the main process of sending & receiving messages in a secure way.

Now, in the case of hacking, when the victim will send a message to an individual one, as usual, the message will be passing over in an encrypted form of a data packet. Now in case, if a  middle-attacker (professional hacker) lies between the sender & receiver on the same network with another server connection, he will catch-all the original encrypted data packets from the sender anonymously & will try to either decrypting it to see the real message-details or (if the hacker is unable to decrypt it) will send any other fake decrypted data packets of fake messages to the receiver (Even those are may not be secured & maybe virus-affected). Now on another side of the receiver, there is a possibility like if the receiver receives that fake data packets or decrypted fake messages, sent by the hacker actually,  then his/her own chat/profile can be hacked through that fake messages-links. This can happen Vice-Versa also & even from one to another profile and so on.

Though all the above-mentioned facts are actually too difficult to do for a middle-level hacker but for a professional black hat hacker, with such illegal intention & deadly skill, can do this at his best. Because while you are chatting with another person, a hacker on the same network can recognize both of yours the IP addresses from where the message is sent and where it is going to be received.  So there is a chance to attack both sides of sender & receiver by cracking the network security.

How to prevent all those types of cyber crimes initially:


Although there are different ways to protect your social media profile in different types of social media platforms. But each of them contains some same security steps to follow. And on another hand, a user has to maintain his/her account with his/her responsibility with awareness. They are:

  1. Don’t use the same password for different social media profiles. That means you always need to set different passwords for different social media profiles, because once if any one of your accounts gets hacked, all other will be fallen in the same position at the same time. So, use different types of password and try to note them in a secure place where nobody can get access to know anything except the most trusted one.
  2. Use different types of characters in a password… This means you shouldn’t consider a password with your birthdate/name/phone-no. or any type of other simple remembered phrases/letters/words or those terms, you often use for any other fields. It is recommending you to create your password with unique items by adding some other special characters like “@”, “#”, “$”, “&”, “%”, “*”, “1/2/3” etc. Even it will be better to use both capitals & small hand formations randomly for two or more letters in one password. Also, add a number(s) to it. Because the combination of all sensitive cases, special characters & numbers make a password strong enough & structurally unique which is difficult to crack initially. Even it takes a hacker longer time to crack your profile due to the difficult structure of the password.
  3. A password should be 8 to 14/16 characters Long: It is obvious that 8 to 14/16 characters long passwords are tougher to crack, especially if it has all the qualities, mentioned in the previous point. (See the 2nd point- Including of all cases & special characters). A very long password with such structural complexity is very difficult to crack practically. Though at the same time you have to keep remembering those passwords by noting them in a secure place.
  4. Try to keep changing your password after a certain period of time:  I would like to recommend you to change your passwords after a certain period of time. Because a password which you are carrying for a long time, could make a possibility to crack your profile’s security and you could get hacked. Because when you set a password for your profile, it becomes encrypted by the system & will be stored in their databases. But a long time running encrypted password can also give a hacker full chances to decrypt it with having the same long time. In this way, a hacker can get much time of involvement to recognize your profile’s security-id & activity statuses to access your private data by cracking the password. On another hand, a long time running password has the chances to be cracked from other connected apps through the connected links on your profile to them. So it is better to keep changing your password in a certain period of time and your profile will be safe as much as possible.
  5. Use Two-Factor Authentication: Most of the social media sites are now preferring to use Two-Factor Authentication. It means if you want to access your same account from two or more different devices at the same time, it will ask you to verify its user in those external devices by either sending any verification number to your given phone no. or in your email-id which will be used to access the profile from other external devices. In details, if you turn on this feature in the settings and try to log in your account from any other device, it will check whether the user is same or not who is trying to access the profile from another device, and then it will send a verification no. to the user-given phone no. which you have to put in while accessing your profile from another device. Until checking the user with that given verification no. given to your registered phone no, nobody can access your profile from external sources. Only you can access, that means the original user can access. This is one of the most useful & applicable features to secure your account from unauthenticated sources.
  6. Don’t Use unauthorized apps with your social media profiles: As I have previously said that most of the apps which are often appeared on your news feed can easily get access to your profile data. But in special cases, where some of the official websites or verified apps want to get access to your profile data in necessary of your choice, you can allow them. But don’t give the chances to unauthorized unknown apps to enter in your privacy. Also, you can remove some of the apps from your account settings which are already used& no required further.
  7. Don’t use Autolikers & Auto followers: Another trending thing is these auto-liker and auto-follower apps. Social media addicted people who are expecting more to more likes and follows on their respective social media sites but didn’t get as expected, they are now coming to use auto-liker apps or auto-follower apps. One of the most dangerous thing if you are going to use these apps. These apps actually authorize your account even without having the password of your profile, but just getting permission by you which you have already provided while login through those apps. That means when you will log in through those apps, they will automatically get access to your profile. Now, you will think that you are getting likes/follows but at the same time, the owner of those apps also uses your account to give follow & like to other accounts. In simple words, they can get full control over your account. It is recommending you to don’t use these auto-liker/auto-follower apps which can get control over your account even can hack in a sudden & you will have to do nothing then except changing the password or even deleting your account.
  8. Don’t visit unknown, unsecured links: In Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, you may get some links which are often going viral in every private chat from one person to another. It is recommending you not to visit those viral links without checking whether it is secured or not. Just because one of your trusted friends from your private-chat is sending you the link, doesn’t mean that the link is secured to visit. Maybe your sender friend has enjoyed visiting the link but without knowing if it is dangerous or not. Rather, a hacker can create such links to get viral via public-interests through the social media sites/private-chats which gives the pleasure of visiting but can access the private database of your device or account-data from the behind of it silently & you will have no idea what you can lose.  Even in news feed, some unknown, unverified advertisements (which will not show their details clearly on the ads) can offer you to visit any unsecured link to check out their offers. This may lead to any fraud cases. Judge every unknown advertisement carefully before visiting their links (If you are really interested to visit) & then decide to click on their provided links. But obviously, try to avoid all untrusted ads & links on your feed & private chats. I am not saying that all are dangerous but it has the tendency today to visit any link from private chats, not knowing the origin of the viral link. So, at first, check if the link is trustworthy & then apply your interests of using it.
  9. Don’t log in to any unauthorized websites via social media profiles: There are many websites, maybe you will get interested to visit & to subscribe or log in there via social media profiles or they will provide you a form to create a profile with your own given details (Name, password,- email-id). Try to avoid those logins via social media accounts, except the few trusted ones. If you login or subscribe any unknown website with any of your social media accounts, it has the chances to get access to your private information. So, log in via social media accounts only in the verified & secured known website.
  10. Don’t use the same email-id in both social media & in other public requirements: Most of the social media sites want either your phone number or email-id as your login-user id while signing up. Now what I want to say is, if possible try to use a totally different & private email-id while signing up for an account which will be only used for your social media account’s security purposes & as your login-id, not for any other public cases. Because if you use the same email-id in signing up for a social media account and at the same time for other public issues where your email-id is available to many people (Friends/official services), then it will become very risky for your account’s security due to the public-availability of your email-id. In simple words, using of the same email-id in both cases means, your account’s login-id is also public & available to many people, even you don’t know those every people who have that same email-id which you have also used for official purposes. Now if the email-id is getting public, there is a maximum chance to hack your email first then hack your social media account through it. Even professional hackers don’t need to hack email first, they can direct hack your account through that same email-id, used as your login-id for the account and also for other needs. So try to keep an extra and very private email-id for social media account’s security and not share it with anyone else except the most trusted one if needed.
  11. Protect your Email-id also: Hackers can also hack your profile via email-hacking. That means as I have said in the previous point, don’t use the same email-id as public & as profile’s login-id. Rather use different, private & protected email-id. Now in that case, sometimes, email can be also hacked via any suspicious sources who send fraud emails to your private mail-id too. In details, you may receive several types of advertising emails, offers for shopping or even money lending emails/offers, cheap price product selling emails & so on. Among them, some are verified & some are maybe fraud in the case. Because they come to your mail-id as ads or offer from unknown sources, though some of them may you know well where most of them are unknown company-emails. Now without verifying if it is trustworthy or not, you should not accept any offer from or even shouldn’t go to any provided link. Because if they are fraud in the case, those links are clicked, even those offers, if you accept, they can steal every related information by hacking your email. Once your private email gets hacked, it will no longer private or private or protected & the linked social media profile will be hacked as well. So, be careful of those emails from those unknown sources which may be fraud in origin.
  12. Awareness of hacking: Another most common fact to say about the awareness of your social media account’s responsibilities. Your account is in your control & only you should be the one always to control it, so be careful always on what you are doing on your feed or what type of link you are posting/visiting/sharing. Especially I would like to say that don’t think your private chat is safe always, rather, there are many chances to track your IP address via chatting and providing some of those non-verified viral links if you click on it. Check your account setting where you set your audiences whether it will be public or private. In setting, set the status of who will see your posts, who can share or comment on your posts & who can follow or connect you. There are many chances to get hacked on social media. Whatever you do, do freely but for right things, judge & check only worthy things. Be aware of whom you are following and who is following you. Be aware to keep your profile safe & secure and aware others as same.

So, these are the initial steps to protect your social media accounts. Your account will be safe only when you will be careful about how to use it.


Be aware of the protection of your social media accounts. It carries not only private information but it is also attached & linked with many other profiles online which are may very important for personal or working matters. So, be careful of who is engaging with your profile & especially how you will tackle it. On another hand, every social media site provides some of their best security option in profile setting, which you should apply for your account’s security. Maintain the previously mentioned all preferences & your account will be safe & secure.

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Protect your Personal Data from Black Hat Hackers on the Dark Web- Lets learn Some Basic Ways to keep your system safe..


Most of the Popular Countries are now suffering as victim because of the Black Hat Hackers who are anonymously hacking & stealing personal information, Government oriented important data, Economical issues & many more. Even besides of this International Cyber crimes, Corporate world is also became the victim of Black Hat Hackers on the Dark Web. IT Administrators, Cyber Researchers & Ethical Hackers or White Hat Hackers are still working on it to keep secure the cyber world & beside of these, it is being tried to make common people more aware to keep their system & device safe as now online activities are seemed to be the regular basis necessary works from our home to office for every purpose. So, I am now going to explain some basic awareness to keep your computer & your personal data safe from Hackers.

Protect Your Data:

  1. The Dark Web thrives on stolen data and security lapses, so ensure that you follow best security practices and keep a close eye on your data at home & at work.
  2. Keep your identity safe by using tools like Equifax WebDetect(a feature of Equifax Identity Watch Pro) which monitors websites, used by frauders or like Cifas Protective Registration, which is aimed at people whose identity are at heightened risk of fraud.
  3. Check your social media privacy settings to ensure that your personal data can only be viewed by people whom you trust and don’t share official data on social networks. Use tools like Equifax Social Scan, which searches social media sites and evaluates how at  risk you are of identity theft, based on data you have made public.
  4. Remember to regularly change your passwords & do not store your passwords, usernames and other login information anywhere where hackers can access it easily.
  5. Be wary of phishing attempts, and do not hand over personal data to anyone, unless you are very sure that they are legitimate, also lock away or securely destroy documents once they are not needed.
  6. If hacked, then try to consult with Cyber Security Experts & at first encrypt your Hard Disk of CPU. So that hackers can’t get control over your Computer’s Memory where you have saved all your personal documents. Give more than two versions & two types of best Antiviruses to protect your Hard Disk from Hackers.
  7. Don’t go to any unknown links which you have recieved from your Social Media accounts. Try to block those unknown abstract links as those links can hack your profile & even can install malware in your computer in the indirect way by hackers.

These are 7 Common way & basic ideas to protect your personal Data, Documents, Social Accounts etc.  Give your computer & other devices a strong protection to keep secure from criminals.

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Depth of the DarkNet & the Information Costs by Illegal businesses with Criminal Activities..


I have written in my previous blogs about the Anonymous Criminal Activities on the Dark Web. Now in this blog I am going to discuss about the most illustrated areas of Dark Web and those Black Hat Hacking & Illegal Hidden Cyber Crimes that are being operated from the Dark Net which is increasing day by day in most of the popular countries anonymously. Now, lets introduce with what kind of illegal actions are done under this layer of Deep Web.

What lies in the Depth of the Internet?

Billions of people are using the Internet for leisure, business & for communication purposes. But they are only scratching the Surface Web i.e. the only 4% publicly accessible area of its total information or of the total searching results on the Internet. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc – like these Search Engines are used to surf the Surface Web safely with the help of these traditional browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Safari, Opera browser, UC browser & many more. but to surf the anonymous Dark Web, we need extra software applications (TOR browser). Now I am going to explain about the depth of the Dark Net.


Delving into the Dark Web:

Q1. What is Dark Web?

The Dark Web is made up of encrypted websites that stay anonymous & neither accessible from our traditional search engines nor from our regular used browsers. In that case we need to use anonymous browsers like TOR to surf the depth of the Dark net.

Q2. Where on the Web?

The Dark Web is a very small portion of Deep Web. Although the exact size of the Dark Web is unknown but it is thought to make up less than 0.01%of the Deep Web. However, it is important to remember that the Deep Web is much larger than the Surface Web that we all use every day. Even a tiny proportion can equate to significant criminal activity.

Q3. How does it function?

Data on the Dark Web is encrypted and passed through randomly selected computers across the globe to hide the origin of the information.

 What can be found on the Dark Web?

  1. File Sharing
  2. Leaked Data
  3. Financial Fraud
  4. News & Media
  5. Promotions
  6. Discussion Forum
  7. Drugs
  8. Internet & Computing
  9. Hacking(Black Hat)
  10. Pornography
  11. Weapons
  12. Illegally animal selling
  13. Social Media Site’s Password Hacking & selling
  14. Credit & Debit Card’s number selling
  15. Database Hacking
  16. Selling of False Degree Certificates
  17. Viruses(Malware)
  18. Child Pornography
  19. Illegal Hardware & software Products selling
  20. Illegally Stolen Government Documents & Registrations selling

These are the most possible 20 common activities done under the Dark Web anonymously. These are actually a small sample of illegal Dark Net crimes. More than that are done here in the most dangerous critical way.

How much does information cost on the Dark Web?

There is huge variety of stolen data for sale on the Dark Web, including both financial information and login details. It is also the place, frauders go to buy the tools which is used to commit identity theft. Below, we look at the average price of various types of personal information for sale:

Credit Cards:

Visa Classic & Master Card with user data: “£28(United Kingdom) & £11 (USA)”

Visa Premium with user data: “£35 – £42 (United Kingdom) & £21 (USA)”

User Data includes with Card number, Expiry date, Card-holder’s name, all which is recorded in the magnetic strip on the back of the card.

Visa premium refers to a card with higher credit limit than any Visa Classic or Master card.

Hacking Emails & Social Media Accounts                Prices

Popular U.S. Email Accounts (Hotmail,Gmail,Yahoo)   £90     (per account)

Popular U.S. Social Media Accounts                                 £90     (per account)

Corporate Email Accounts                                                  £350   (per account)

IP addresses & Computer Users                                         £63     (per account)

How the Dark Web help Frauders to steal your Data– Prices

Remote Access Trojans(RATs)                                            £4-£7

Crypters                                                                                  £56-£308

Angler Exploit Kits                                                               £70-£95



  1. Remote Access Trojan-  A Trojan Program is one that conceals itself inside legitimate software and, once installed, gives a hacker complete control of the victim’s system.
  2. Crypters: Crypters work like a mask or shield for other malicious program (e.g. RAT’s) and prevent anti-virus software from defending a problem.
  3. Angler Exploit Kits: Exploits kits are programs, concealed in websites, that look for weaknesses in the security of a computer system in order to install malicious software.

Pros & Cons of the Dark Web:

Is Dark Web Good or Bad?!

It depends on how it is used & for which purposes are being used. Most of the Crimes & Black Hat hacking activities are done here illegally and anonymously & that is why it is said that the Dark Web is seemed to be a Web-World of Black Market’s Darkest illegal Area. Most of the Popular Countries & their secure Governor data’s are hacked by using this web anonymously & this is increasing in fast process day by day that creates so many problems also. As the user is able to keep himself hidden, identity theft is done here mostly. Dark Web is also used in purpose to catch a cyber criminal by Ethical Hackers or White Hat Hackers. In case of journalism, sometimes journalists use this Web to get some hidden news for their professional purposes only, those news may be forbidden to publish internationally but  an interested journalist would like to search it on the Dark Web to find his News ‘data’. It is also a space for researching in the Computer Science or in Computerized Professional Course for Educational fields on Hacking & Cyber Crimes or on Cyber Security, Cryptography, Awareness from Black Hat Hacking, Virus Program learning etc. Let’s the average & common people have to know about this Criminal Activities to keep their system or device safe & secure. But as I said, it is a wide area for criminals. so you have to surf this Web in your own responsibility.

Some basic information of Dark Web to learn : What is Good & What is Bad here:-


  1. Whistleblowsers: Information can be passed to journalists anonymously
  2. Banned Literature: Gives access to books, Poetries, News & Educational Materials that are banned by oppressive regimes.


  1. Crimes & Frauds:  Internet anonymity enables risk-free tracing for criminals.
  2. Criminal Gangs: Internet anonymity makes it possible for criminal gangs to communicate without the threat of surveillance.

Conclusions: Keep Safe your system, Careful from Black Hat Hackers. “.onion” suffix-added urls are the Dark Web sites where every hidden information are kept anonymously with the help of encrypted codes.

These are all the information about the Depth of Dark Web, & the information costs of those illegally stolen materials by Hackers which are the essential parts of the Black Market under Dark Net. In that case, TOR browsers are used mostly to do its best. If you want to surf the Dark Web, do it with your own responsibility!!

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The Explanation of Dark Web: The Dark Contents that lies on the Darknet anonymously..


I have already explained about the difference between Surface Web, Deep Web & the most anonymous Dark Web in my previous blogs(Click here to read more). Also I have discussed on the Onion.City Search Engine (Click to read this blog) where we can search few of Dark Web Contents from our traditional browsers & even without the help of anonymous TOR browser. Now here. the topic is described on the Darkweb’s working process and about the contents that lies on the Dark Web anonymously.

What is Dark Web?

Dark Web is the subset of Deep Web that lies in the most hidden part of Deep Web & not searchable by the tradition browsers in the general ways of searching methods. In that case, most professionals use Tor Browsers which is totally now used for only Dark Web surfing & mostly for Darknet activities( legal or illegal) like Black Hat Hacking, Bitcoin selling, Some Particularly hacked Social Media site’s Password Selling, Credit or Debit Card’s Number selling, Driving license selling, Degree or Diploma false certificate selling, Child Pornography, Animal selling which are illegal or not allowed for sale, Drugs & Weapon selling, Illegal Property selling & many more. All of these Darknet activities are done basically by those professionals(Most of them are Black Hat Hackers) who are selling all the forbidden/restricted items anonymously to gain a huge profit in the underworld circumstances which can’t be achieved publicly in general ways. It is said by the Experts that what we search on our traditional search engines from our normal browsers, display only 4% of total results. Another 96% that lies in the Deep Web and here the 6% ins this is considered as the anonymous Dark Web.

Difference between Deep Web & Dark Web:

These two terms i.e. the Deep Web & Dark Web are heard to be the same almost and in most of the articles or in descriptions these two terms are used interchangeably that actually confuse the readers who have not the least idea about this. The fact is, these two terms are not actually same. The Deep Web is the part of World Wide Web which is accessible but not publicly like the Surface Web. It contains all the regular information or data which is accessible only by its users. For example, like Social Media Account’s password or its username( like your Facebook account’s username/password, like your Twitter account’s username/password, Instagram/Github/many more) which are the part of its Database System which can only be accessible by the user of those accounts. That means this are accessible also but not publicly as the others. This Deep web also contains the Students Record’s of any University, Academical Records, Financial records or other Government statistical records of any country. Also it should be mentioned that Deep Web is larger than the Surface Web. Anything which are protected and not accessible by the common public except its user, are generally lies under the Deep web section safely untill it is hacked by any third person(Interested Black Hat Hackers!!) or criminal.

Now came to the topic on Dark Web. The Dark Web is the most hidden subset of Deep Web where all the sites or its contents lies anonymously i.e. The Encrypted Anonymiser Network exists under the Dark Web Section. This is not accessible from the normal traditional browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer and unable to search its items from our traditional browsers like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Dark Web contents are only & totally searchable by the TOR browsers with the help of its Onion Router Server which contains all the .onion urls by its anonymous  network and only accessible by the Tor user. Dark web is said to be the 0.01% portion lies as the subset of Deep Web. Dark web is made up of those hidden contents which are now illegal & forbidden by government. Although, TOR was actually not for the illegal activities totally but unfortunately as the illegal activities are done under here so it is considered as the Underworld Dark area(Darknet). It needs more skills & proper knowledge of Dark Net to Surf here anonymously. Like Black Hat hackers here are very active to spread up their black market among those illegally approached customers. Ethical Hackers & other Cyber Security Experts are working on it to prevent illegal works & terms but its difficult also. This is totally encrypted area where you can surf its contents only by using such encrypted anonymous network like TOR. but have to need proper idea & concepts before do it!!. It is considered to be the most dangerous part of Internet.

What lies in the Depth of the Darknet?

The hidden nature of The Dark Web can make it difficult to know exactly what goes on there, but it is frequently associated with financial fraud, file sharing and data breaches, including the sale of details from identity theft. Equifax has made an Infographic that may be useful to readers to gain some knowledge about dark web and how it operates.

Delving into the Dark Web – An infographic from Equifax UK


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I have already written above 10 blogs in my blog-site and have got good responses from my visitors/followers/readers. So now I have thought about to create a Tech-blog site where I will publish my all blogs which are based on Latest Technologies like from Web-technology to Hacking and from Artificial Intelligence to Cyber Security or Cyber Attacks etc. I just want to spread my Tech-Ideas & Knowledge among those enthusiastic people who want to know & learn more about these today’s technologies briefly in the way writing blogs.

This is my personal site( ) where I can publish any type of blogs as I wish to do but in that Tech-blog site which I have created is only for technology basis discussing topics, it is like e little learner site where you can read Hacking Blogs, like Android Hacking, WiFi Hacking, the way to surf the Dark Web or Deep Web or to learn about the Difference between various types of Programmers, Coder or Developers, Web-technologies like Web-Designing or Web-Developments, about Programming Languages, Data Structures or Data Mining & even also about Cyber Security, Attacks and its risks and the way to keep protected your devices etc. More over you will get the Latest Tech-news in one place. In general, the tech-lover people often get their essential Technology News by reading blogs or news from various types of sites individually. Here, this Tech-site will gathered all the Latest Technology News from many popular sites at one place & visitors will be more able to read them easily, no longer they have to search their daily tech-news by surfing them from one site to another, i.e. it will save your time from wasting it by surfing and surfing!!. I am not telling that you have no need of searching your Tech-interests but just offering that, if you would like to visit this site where you can find several kinds of interesting blogs and you can choose your suitable blogs there to read in easier way as possible. There( will be published several types of knowledgeable blogs written by Popular & expert professional  bloggers in the Tech-news portion.


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Why ??

I have founded this to make people able to know more about these Latest Technology oriented information. This is not only because people of these days use so many types of devices like from Android to PC,Mac, ios, Laptop/Tab etc but also to help people learn something new about these Technologies. As we know that the world is changing with the upgrading of Technologies & even almost everything of now of these days are totally depended on High-tech Devices or machines & we can see that from the Official Works to our Entertaining purposes. Beside of these reasons, the another most important reason is, will try to make people, get more interests on technologies. That’s not so easy to do but I think it’s a good start-up by trying to spread out the knowledge of Technology among many people to learn something new on it and to work on it as per their own choices. I am trying to make a Thetechlearner Community in which people find their all queries on Technology.

Rajdeep Das
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8 Interesting Reasons to get Interests on

  1. In our daily life, we can see that people are using several types of devices like android, PC, Tab or something like other devices in their regular life for their daily needs. These devices are became so easy to handle and even comfortable to carry often and the result is that, people are already addicted to it heavily!!. But most of the people don’t know that how these devices are working or what is the main architecture behind it that helps it to work properly in according to the user’s choices. Some people have their basic concept or idea(Except experts or the people who know it very well), but most of the people don’t know about the working process behind these devices. That’s the main reason when we get into trouble while using these devices, we are often unable to check out the problem & to fix it. Here in this case will trying to let people know a basic concept or to learn something ideal necessary things & the most important points that will help people to fix their problems or at least to know the primary things which are actually need to know.
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“Onion.City”- The Search Engine for Dark Web, works from our Normal Web Browser..

I have already written a blog on Difference between Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web where I have also mentioned how and which browser will help you to access the Dark Web (Also the Deep Web too). Like TOR(The Onion Router), there are so many anonymous browsers which are used generally for accessing the dark web, either legally or may be in illegal ways!!


TOR stands for The Onion Router which is used to browse the dark web anonymously. This browser helps to get connection with “.onion” urls or domains to access the hidden contents on dark webs. In Normal Browsers, we get the websites, domained by “.com”, “.net”, “.in”, “.org” suffix-added urls which are publicly accessible under surface web and these sites are basically main DNS(Domain-Name-System) rooted under Wold-Wide-Web. As same as the dark web has some special types of websites(some illegal also) with “.onion” domains which are accessible only in TOR anonymous network. These “.onion” urls contain several types of contents where a few maybe legal to search but most of them are for illegal purposes. TOR follows a random string of network of “.onion” suffix which indicates to the door of Dark Web. This TOR is used by the Professional Black Hat Hackers, mostly in case of their illegal activities. All the cyber crimes are done there randomly by the cyber attackers or cyber criminals. TOR has its deep anonymous network where a professional hacker can go with his all motives for illegal purposes and can access their goal anonymously. Normal Browsers are unable to access these “.onion” urls and the hidden data(s) of dark web because it needs anonymous “.onion” connections to surf those Dark web contents which normal browsers actually have not to serve. Tor can be also used as normal browser but in reality it is used mostly in browsing the Dark web(Mostly for illegal purposes). The Normal browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or IE are unable to access this web, and here TOR works with its perfection. So, Tor is  the best option to browse the “.onion” contents as it has “.onion” engine to serve.

But this situation has been changed after inventing of “.Onion.City” Search Engine. “Onion.City”  is the Search Engine for browsing the “.onion” urls & the most hidden contents of Dark Web from normal browser. “Onion.City” is used to search those “.onion” domains from our regular used browsers. The “.onion” urls are the links of anonymous sites which are hidden under the Dark web world and now here the “Onion.City” will bring those Dark Web sites i.e. (.)onion sites to your Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox etc easily.

ABOUT “Onion.City”:

“Onion.City” was invented & first announced by Virgil Griffith who has gone ahead and brought  a normal search engine which can search the “.onion” domains on  Dark web and throw up results on your normal browser. It is powered by Tor2web proxy. “Onion.City” will help you to search all types of “.onion” domains in your normal browser without installing TOR. It will make you feeling the same like using the traditional search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. It makes available all types of “.onion” urls on your Normal traditional browsers but the new feature is, your searching results will be shown with “.onion. city” suffix, not only with “.onion” suffix. So, now “Onion.City” Darknet search engine made it easy and effective for Internet users in order to search on the deep and dark web from our favorite, insecure web browser.

Let’s see the difference between searching of wiki.onion by using both of these search engines individually..

Searching wiki.onion at


Searching wiki.onion at Onion.City

How it works?

Onion.City Darknet search engine is powered by Tor2web proxy which enables it to access deep into the anonymous Tor network, finds “.onion” sites by aggregating the hidden marketplaces and makes them available to the normal web browser with easiest navigation.  It makes an anonymous deep connection, in between from the anonymous Tor network to your regular used normal browser & makes the Darknet service easy-to-available to your single browser window. When you are searching any “.onion” domain or item from your normal browser using “Onion.City”, it matches your search terms with the Dark web contents through the Tor network connections and then it will show you the result on your browser. This connection is anonymous and this whole process is done by the service of Tor2web proxy which enables the “.onion” items available to your browser window. The use of Onion.City is easy & as same as the other search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. Griffith has effectively broken the need for a Tor browser to search for “.onion” sites but the project is far from complete. As of now has indexed approximately 670000 websites according to Google and Griffith creation is also very fast and comparable with Google.
You  can see in the above picture that what you are searching at “Onion.City” will show you the “.onion” results in addition with “” as you are searching under this search engine. Once you click on the results thrown up by you will be shown the “.onion” domain as a “.city” sub domain containing full articles of that post. But the interesting fact is, Griffith’s search engine may raise some eyebrows among the users of dark web as they have chosen the .onion domains because they prefer privacy and does exactly opposite of what they want, make dark web accessible to normal users using normal browsers.
Is “Onion.City” legal or illegal ? 
As we know that most of the “.onion” urls are illegal under Darknet as many of these urls are owned by the Black market sellers (selling of drugs, guns, ATM/Debit/Credit Card’s numbers, Password selling, Animal selling etc.). So, before search any ‘.onion” domain, you have to be more careful as these result of your search terms will be shown with some kind of illegal information also. “Onion.City” is not illegal by its work but some or most of the searching result is, as the Darknet and its most of the contents are very much popular for its illegal services. Now the most important fact is, other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari are able to trace you with your location and your browsing history whereas TOR is anonymous networking browser as it will make you hidden user, will neither trace your location nor your searching items/browsing history. So, there you will be safe to search “.onion” links by using TOR, but now here the problem is, though the “Onion.City” will show you the Darknet contents anonymously through TOR network, but those contents or results will be shown on your Normal browser which is actually able to trace your searching terms and your location!! i.e. it may be able to trace your illegal activities. Normal browsers will not give you the privacy like TOR. So that Tor is still now the most popular anonymous browser even after inventing of this search engine too!! Tor protects its users with its anonymous layers which the normal browsers have not, that’s why normal browsers are unable to give you such like protective privacy. So, all of all you have to be firstly very careful to use the Onion.City with your own responsibility. I am not telling that this search engine is weak to protect but the fact is our traditional browsers are insecure in this case. Yes, there is a certain limit of your search, it will show the limit when you will enter the illegal part of Dark web through this search engine, but still in simple thought, Onion.City  may be considered as illegal engine to serve. Now here I will like to mention that all sites or urls under Dark web are not illegal, some are also permitted to visit legally(by default). The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Onion.City website even provides an email address to report content that may be illegal, though it’s unclear exactly what steps they’ll take. It totally works by using the Tor2web proxy and they are serving it with the TOR contents. So before using this search engine you have to also make your PC safe and secure by installing the antivirus software.
Conclusions: isn’t the first ever Deep/Dark Web search engine. The first search engine for online underground Black Markets, called Grams, was launched that lets anyone to easily find illegal drugs and other contraband online in an easier way ever and it’s pretty fast like Google Search Engine. Now “Onion.City is the second search engine to get a deep dive into the world of Darknet.
Online users visit and run so-called hidden services on “.onion” domains or deep web, but the way to get around the “.onion” websites is to first have a Tor browser. However, Onion.City Darknet search engine made it easy and effective for Internet users in order to search on the deep web from our favorite, insecure web browser. Now the “Onion.City” search engine makes the common people able to search the darknet contents easily. There is no privacy to search under this engine as it will show you the result on your normal browser. But be careful to use it before!! In order to use this engine, you may have need to install this search engine software tool to execute. On the whole, this makes Dark net available to all types of people by normal way of using but to use Dark web anonymously you have to work more hardly (by using TOR). Know about more to use this search engine before use.
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What’s the difference between Surface, Deep & Dark Web?? – Lets have some discussions!!..


People already heard about these three terms in online mediums through World-Wide-Web.  World-Wide-Web is  made of HTML & HTTP protocols where each & every information is available to be searched by the traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. World-Wide-Web is indexed with all types of accessable information searched by people for their daily needs. This searching is considered to be legal as it is searched by the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Safari, Opera etc which are legal also to use. Common people only get their searchable needs which are indexed by those Search Engines from WWW. But there are also more than a large area out of  the general or surface space of WWW which can be searched, only by using some special browsers & engines as it is hidden or not indexed by those traditional search engines.

The web world is divided into three parts :- Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web. You will find in many articles that deep web and dark web are considered to be one as these terms are interchangeable to describe but the fact is they are not same. They are totally different or you can say that the Web World is actually divided into two parts i.e. Surface Web and Deep Web, where the Dark Web is actually the subset of Deep Web or it can be said that the Dark Web is the intentionally hidden part of the Deep Web. In more details, Dark Web is the most Deepest, High rated, Most hidden, Anonymous, Darkest area which differs a little from the actual Deep Web. We can access the Surface Web easily & we always do that for our daily needs. The another two webs can also be accessed but only in alternative ways. It is said that what you are searching in WWW will show you only 4% out of its total information or total results & other 96% will exist in the Deep Web and Dark Web in combined form. Among this 96%, 90% stays in Deep Web & rest is under Dark Web which is hidden & can’t be accessed in simple ways. Now we are going to discuss about this 4%, 90% and 6% of WWW individually. The Ideal Way to understand the difference of Surface, Deep and Dark Web is to consider it to be like an ocean. See the picture given below :

Surface Web Deep web Dark Web-iamrajdeep
The Difference between Surface Web, Deep Web & Dark Web.

Surface Web:

Surface Web is the mostly used common accessable part of World Wide Web. All types of information and modules with their details are indexed here and can be searched by the traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and can also be accessed by the most popular traditional browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera or Safari etc. Common people use this Surface web always for their daily needs. What you can see or find or can access is existing in this Surface web legally and it is the most common publicly visible part of World-Wide-Web. You can search anything here & the searching results which are indexed by the search engine from WWW will be showed you. As you can see in the above picture that there is a very small part can be visible out of ocean & that is the surface web which is considered as only the 4% of our search. Most legal & official works are done under this web & this is safe surfing in general. It has been part of the world-wide web right since the first browser was invented. This is the part of the web you access when you read an article on a news site, buy something from Amazon or watch any video on YouTube.

Deep Web: 

As you can see the above picture, the Deep Web is the second layer of World Wide Web. Surface Web is the upper layer where we can access everything easily & the lowest part that is Dark Web where we cannot access anything without help of some special browsing elements or software or search engines, so now here the Deep Web exists in between or in the middle part of the Surface Web & Dark Web where we cannot access everything easily but can access some of it. Deep Web is not totally publicly visible part like Surface Web but to browsing here is mainly possible by using of special anonymous browsers or special search engines. Sometimes a very few part of Deep Web is accessable in general way like cracking password of any high-protected profile or cracking any secured database management system in International level. Among the rest 96% of web after surface web, 90% is estimated in deep web which contains Academic Databases, Medical Records, Financial Records, Legal Documents, Some Scientific Reports, Some Government Reports, Subcription-only Information, Some Organization repositories, Social Media Profiles-information, International Records, Researchable documentary etc. So you can see that these are all accessable but need some more special Access Credentials( like Username or Password ) which can be possible either using any anonymous Darknet-accessable software(which can be used for black hat hacking also!!) or by using special featured onion browser( Ex: TOR ). A good example of the data in the Deep Web is the pin you generate to access your bank account or your Gmail inbox. As you can see, both of these are easily accessable but still need special permissions like more powerful browser. Sometimes to go deeper in the web, specially in case of hacking, a hacker sometime can be able to access easily inside the deep web or even in dark web by using some anonymous networking browser like TOR(The Onion Router). On the whole, Deep Web contains the essential information which cannot be accessed in simple way. Those information are the secured personal-data and are protected for mankind.

Dark Web:

The another 6% after surfing the Deep Web, the Dark web rules here!! The most dangerous & illegal area exists here as the illegal activities are done in the Dark Web heavily. Traditional Search Engines are unable to show you the dark web contents because this traditional search engines are not indexed with the dark web search contents. Dark Web is actually classified as the subset of Deep Web, the most hidden & deepest part of it . It is not accessable by the regular used browsers. The technology needed to make the Dark Web a reality was created by US Military Researchers in the 90’s and is still funded by them. The technology was created to allow intelligence agencies to send and receive data anonymously. To surfing the Dark Web, The Onion Router or TOR Browser is used mostly. Tor Browser is used to search or to work under the dark Web. The websites or links which are added with “.onion” suffix are classified under the Dark Web contents and those “.onion” urls are searched by using this TOR browser. Those are “.onion” websites i.e. Dark Web links of Dark Web contents which are searchable by using the “Onion” (anonymous search engine) Search Engine under TOR browser. There are also another browsers you will find to surfing the Dark Web but The Onion Router or TOR is used mostly because it is comparatively easy to use & more powerful secured browser than others. It’s advantage is that you can use TOR anonymously( that means you can hide yourself from locating you ) and so that it is popular also. Other traditional browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are able to trace you about which things you are searching & from where or which location you are from. They will record all details by tracing you with all your searching items & location. But in case of Tor , as its “Onion” layer is made of so many other typical layers,  it will help you to search  your chooses anonymously ie. it will not record your any details or will not trace your location as well as you can do anything independently as your own choice. Now the question about the Dark Web is – What kinds of illegal tasks are done under this web???- The Answer is –  The Dark Web contains various types of illegal activities included with Political Protest, “.Onion ” linked Websites( also for illegal search or activities under .onion links ), Drugs trafficking, Child Pornography, Animals selling illegally even those animals which are not allowed to make pet or which may be harmful for mankind and have been forbidden by Government to own them as pet!!. More over it contains the most dangerous activities like Black Hat Hacking – ATM or Credit Card’s Number selling, High recordable official  Database Passwords selling illegally, illegal weapon selling for terrorism (or for personal even), Any kind of forbidden Report selling of any illegal Scientific Research, Banned Movies selling, unofficial illegal documents or bills selling, Virus & Malware programs selling, Reports of Financial Frauds, illegal Files Sharing, Selling of Leaked Data, False Visa & Passport selling, Popular US Email Accounts, Social Media Accounts with their hacked passwords, Banned Literature selling, Selling of Banned documentary etc. These are the most famous and main illegal activities are found under the Dark Web. Dark Web is actually encrypted highly and so that it is not publicly accessable or the user can use this anonymously. These all are done under many hidden illegal sites with highly dangerous circumstances. All types of Black Hat Hacking are done here anonymously.

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Dark Web Activities


Is Tor Legal or Illegal ? 

Tor or The Onion Router is not illegal in using, I am not telling you to use it but I am informing you that Tor is not illegal to browse as its free to use & safe to browse as it will keep you hidden from tracing your location but the fact is that, the legal or illegal cases are actually  depend on how you will use it. If you use this browser for normal use or for normal search then it is legal to use but if you are thinking about to browse the illegal search terms or want to give a deep dive into the world of Dark Web for illegal tasks(like hacking or other kind of forbidden tasks) then it will be surely illegal. The advantage of using Tor is that it will hide your location & your all activities as it is not the main DNS rooted of WWW but it is only used to get anonymous connections with the “.onion” urls to browse( “.onion” urls are generally used for dark web surfing but not for normal browsing because normal searches are not classified under”.onion”, they are our regular search items ). But that does not means you are totally safe, if tried, you will also be found to trace. To use Tor for Dark Web surfing, you will need for High level Antivirus to make secure your computer first. Tor is used mostly to get the Dark Web Links(where the illegal businesses are going on) & to experience the illegal world anonymously but also be very careful to do that before. TOR is the easy-to-available gateway to browse the dark web for professionals. Dark Web is the Most Favourite Area for Black Hat Hackers & in that case TOR may be used as the weapon to do all  illegal activities more deeply in dark way(or also in darkest way)!!!!

Tor Browser

The Ethical Hackers or the White Hat Hackers are also working & keep researching for Dark Web because there is still more curiosity under the Dark Web exists!!

Note: This article is written to inform about the difference between Surface, Deep and Dark Web, it carries such information about TOR to make people know about it more for also in case of cyber security and about the Web-contents in details, but don’t use TOR for any illegal activities. Only User will be responsible for Illegal Activities.

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