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A Little Introduction:

Welcome to my personal blog. Thanks for showing your interest to visit  here.

I am Rajdeep Das- Writer & owner of this Blog. Not a professional blogger thought, Just another hobbyist blogger who likes to write on Technology, blogging, travelling, life  experiences, life hacking tech thoughts, my thoughts on my passion, my motivation and so on. Whatever I like to learn and share is the content of my blog. 

I don’t know if you will like to read my blogs or want to read a more from my blogs!! But I hope you will like my ideas. For me, idea matters a lot. I write on my idea, on my passion of learning something new.  I share my learnings on Technology, Cyber Security & my travelling.

Hope you will like it!!

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Well, I have my another official Blog where I write mostly of my articles on educational technology and blog science- Thetechlearner An educational blog to know & learn several facts on Technology, Blog Science & SEO

Also, I write on cyber security and ethical hacking facts and cases at- Hackitalki – An Educational Blog on Hacking & Cyber Security.

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Rajdeep Das (Author)