Thanks for the 100 Follows on WordPress

Today my blog has achieved more than 100 follows on WordPress. I am grateful to my every reader, friend and other followers who have read and liked my blogs.

I have started my blogging 6 months ago & have received good responses from my blogger friends and from my respected loyal readers from other sites. In these six months of my blogging journey, I have experienced a lot of facts about Blogging, both the positive and negative sides of growing an article successfully. Moreover, I have got tips from several ProBloggers and have got more ideas for developing my content. I have now two blog site in which one is my own personal blog(where you are reading this), another one is my official blog Thetechlearner which has received a lot of good feedback from many readers in just a few months.

At the very first stage of my blogging journey, I started my blogging based on the topics of Modern Technology, Hacking, Dark Web and Programming/Software/Social Media Updates etc but later I found the most trending topics of Blogging, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC and so on from my ideal blog sites like ShoutmeLoud, they were the most traffic growing topics for other bloggers and even now one of the most discussed topics on the Internet today as many of entrepreneurs or bloggers are interested in Digital Marketing along with high-tech software uses. Even also I got interested in these topics and started to study it with a lot of curiosities and no doubt my studies have brought me the excellent traffic and loyal readers and therefore I began to write blogs on Blogging tips, SEO, Social Media Blog Management, Content growing/ developing, Blog-Experimental Case studies etc beside of the Tech-Blogs/Hacking. I have achieved the Mystery Blogger Award 2018 recently in honor of my blogs and this was the first achievement in my blog award collection and I am expecting to achieve like this more.

I am till now a hobbyist blogger, I love writing by my passion, love to tell my opinions to my readers about my blog niche through my studied words, love to express my thoughts and want to share my knowledge, my studies, my case studies with my blogger friends and followers. On the other hand, Official Blog) has helped me a lot to reach more people through my blog and even I publish there every kind of interesting facts about Technology, Blog-Science, Traffic, SEO on which I am studying and making from my case studies. You can see, that many of my blogs I have published also in my personal blog from Thetechlearner on purpose to spread out them fastly among my readers. Moreover, I got ranked on Search Engines in the standard position through the well SEO.

All I have done is only have been possible by my followers and readers. Thanks to all of my WordPress Followers along with my Email Followers and other Newsfeed Subscribers who are regularly visiting my site to find out some new blogs to read. Thanks to all for supporting my blog, my writing as well as thanks for your comments on my blog, your suggestions and so on. With confidence, I hope that this number will grow 100 times of 100 in future!!

Thank you so much

Rajdeep Das
Rajdeep Das
By Rajdeep Das
© ® || Copyrights(2018) reserved & registered ||


Author: Rajdeep Das

Blogger, Fountainhead of Thetechlearner, Student of Computer Application, Tech-lover, Mobile-Photographer, Social Media Blog Publisher

23 thoughts on “Thanks for the 100 Follows on WordPress”

  1. Nice one…
    There are many ways to create a website but however with certain restrictions. Best way I would like to suggest is to know the basics of web designing with html and css and then start creating the website of you choice.

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