Rising of Advance Technologies- Advantages & Disadvantages

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Rising of technology Blog by Rajdeep Das


Technology, now-a-days, is one of the most efficient part in our daily life as we are using  every mechanical devices, electronic devices, Non-volatile or Volatile parts like System Software or Apps in our computers & in our android devices that are completely made of these High-Tech & Well-Developed Technologies & even it is developing into its more versatile latest form by the Engineers and Researchers or Developers & Experts. From our home to our office/school/college/universities, several types of devices & softwares are being used to give the people every chances to fulfill their needs properly. Even, the children of these days are smarter to handle their smart devices too!! So think on it How the World is changing fastly and most importantly, how much our regular life has been changed with all this circumstances where technology is playing a huge role.

Rising of Technologies:

Everything in the World is now changing so fastly that people on this earth are also like running in same speed to make a well adjustment with it!! These reasonable & remarkable changes are occurring in so many practical fields for several purposes. In this blog, we are going to discuss only about the technology that has spread out its branches in our daily needs.

People of these days are very smarter to handle their smart devices, even the children too!! Not only in regular uses but also in the international fields like business, science & researches, educational purposes, entertainment etc. Rising of Technology means the progressive way of developing the Technologies that affects our daily life in both positive & negative way, sometimes it depends on  our point of view.

Advantages of Rising Technologies:

  • Technology is growing in its own fastest way where people are also  became so fast for making a well adjustment with it. In every professional fields, Technology makes it easy to fulfill all the needs individually in a fastest process that saves time and leading to the next step work to be completed. Like in IT sectors or Computer departments, Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easy to develop any kind of Software Projects or Robotics Technology, Hardware Repairing or in Programming purposes, the automated error-checker or debuggers are used to develop a structured program to compile in a quick process. In Banks, Railways, Airports or in Travel Agencies, Technology or the Softwares that is used in these fields are making it easy for well-communication with the Passengers or customers to fulfill all the formalities & needs properly (Also in Malls, Shops, Markets too).
  • In Educational fields, Students can learn computer science & programming or about Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Technologies, Software Developing, Software-Tool-making, Android developing, Web Designing or Web-Developing & many more. Even todays children are learning all about some of latest technology related sciences (like computer science or PC software, system maintaining or basic conceptual programming & designing) that helps them to be a little wise on it. This is good that they are learning something new at this age, so that it will also helps them to know more in future.  Out of the Educational field, all these are related to a big purpose where another world of professions are waiting to be involved to achieve a huge profit, such as in Business.
  • In Business world, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy or Social Media Publisher Activities, Online marketing These terms are now very common to every international business owners to small local business-mans. In some cases, as a Customer people are familiar with these too. So many types of online business sites are engaged with Digital Marketing with their Social Media Publisher & strategy, that helps them to attract customers to buy their products & it makes easy to gain a huge profit for their business. Business Sites & Social Media Sites are now the greatest medium for well-communication with all types of interested  customers or even with other business dealer where includes Conference Call of business meeting from outdoor. Most of the Business Farms are handling a large amount of High-Tech & Well-Developed Technologies (included with Software Tools, machinery assets & many more) that helps them to grow their business. Here Technologies are playing a huge role as a Business Asset or as Growth Hacker of that particular business.
  • In the fields of Engineering, Technologies are playing the most remarkable role that we can see how our regular used devices like android, PC, Tabs & even such many more devices changes with a new generation form of High Tech facilities. There are so many fields of Engineering & in each of the fields we can see several types outstanding technologies that are used to create or to develop another high-tech devices for mankind. In that case, Engineers are the prominent professionals who are making these kinds of several useful Technologies that are helping us to leading a smarter fast life with fascinated qualities!!
  • In the Research Fields, Scientists are now progressive with their researches by using the Large scale of Super-Powerful High-Tech Technologies, Research field is the most Enlarged & Biggest Ruling field of Technologies. The greatest Technologies are the part of Scientific researches that includes the researches for several kinds of fields, starts from living creature to space researches. Researches on GOD PARTICLES, where the Most powerful & largest  Machine was used, named as LARGE HADRON COLLIDER ( LHD ). Such like super powered machines are example of the Most progressive technologies and it shows where our World & Science of Technologies have reached that even we, the common people cannot imagine sometimes. Sometimes it seems to be the most unbelievable to us but actually exists as a big true in the Earth. Space centers are those centers where the world’s most engaging super controlled special high-tech machines are gathered for only research purposes & what we are using as our essential devices in regular life is actually more than smallest part of them or like NANO part of those technologies!!!!.
  • In case of Entertaining Purposes, Movies, Songs, Games, Clip videos, News or Media are the well-known medium of Entertainments. There are so many Television channels where reality shows or tele-series are the most spicy  attractive contents of entertaining. In that case Technology also has a major role to entertain us. satellite connections are the way from where we get our channels with their spicy contents in our drawing-room or bedroom!!. Moreover, in case of the online services where we can listen music or watch movies or can download them, are the contributions of Web-Technologies. There several kinds of 3D games are available in markets, even Clouding games are latest versions of technologies that are used in Expensive Games heavily.

These are some basic & most common logical explanation of Advantages of Rising of Advance Technologies. But besides of the Advantages, some disadvantages are also existing simultaneously. Now lets discuss about those disadvantages

Disadvantages of Rising Technologies:

  • Using Technology in our Daily life, it makes us more depended on it. Technologies are changing rapidly & so that we are changing our dependency in accordance with it that made us addicted to it. In most of the times, people are so much in addiction with their smart devices that sometimes they are getting out of the real world. This addiction is the main reason for what people can’t live or even can’t spend a little moment without their essential devices that are used mostly in their regular life which harms our mind & real life social involvements.
  • In so many IT sectors or in Computer based jobs, most of the works are done by Artificial Intelligence that makes many people jobless as those machines are automated with well-complied programs and in such cases most of the workers became useless in front of those programmed machines. Everything is depended on Technologies & those technologies are depended on another technologies simultaneously.
  • Children are addicted to high-tech games that actually harms their growth of thinking power as well as this harms them physically indirectly. Most of the children are much  addicted to these games more than their studies and sometimes they lost into the imaginary world of those games.
  • Home-used technologies are making people lazy to work by themselves & this is still now the most discussed subject often. It harms our physical fitness & decreases our physical activities as well. But we have to overcome it by realising the proper needs of Technologies & not to get addicted on them.
  • Some of the Technologies are also leading to the world of Illegal or Paralegal activities, like Hacking, Cryptography & Crypto-currency & most Paralegal activities on BITCOIN Selling. Dark Web is the ideal place of Web-World where Black Hat Hackers are ruling anonymously & doing their illegal activities that is going through the Black Marketing contents. Black Marketing & Hacking – These social or cyber crimes are happening & growing rapidly all over the world. Though IT administrators & ethical hackers or White Hackers & Cyber Security Researchers are involved to make a solution of it but still the Cyber Crimes are increasing & taking a huge form of crime. Cyber Crimes are happening everywhere now & this makes a dangerous way to do those crimes. I have discussed on it in my previous blogs.(See by clicking on this link) Not only in the Web-World but also in some cases Technologies are being used for some illegal purposes. Those greedy people are using technologies & science for paralegal works heavily & this makes crime world more powerful too!!

How can we overcome these disadvantages?- Let’s discuss some possible ways….

We have seen that besides of the Advantages, Disadvantages always lies but as we are the user of these technologies, it’s also our duty to maintain it properly by making ourselves more aware on how to keep safe & secure our life from these kind of disadvantages. Lets pick up some points.

  • Use Advanced Technologies but use it in accordance with your necessary because sometimes excessive use of Electronic Devices in our daily life can affect not only our health but also our environment. Environment is the most vital factor in our life and so that we should have to take care of it.
  • Don’t get into the addiction of Technologies by using it heavily ( like social media sites). Addiction may harm your mental growth of practical thinking as well as your regular activities & can affect you social interacts with your closed ones i.e. face to face interaction with people.
  • Priority is a big factor. Use Devices or electronics on the point of priority. Dont depended totally on your regular used machines that will decrease your physical active-ness.
  • Technology is man-made but sometimes it is also used as the substances of Human Resources(In that case it is used as a great medium to utilize the Human-Resources but not as the resources). Man-made technologies are controlled & developed by us. We are the creator & user both. So don’t make yourself fool by making your devices the part of your life-leading dependency.
  • Always be aware before using any type of unknown technologies because using without proper knowledge & skill it sometimes may push you to a great loss.

So , now you can see besides of advantages how  the disadvantages of Technologies are also growing with the updating of Technologies. Maximum people know very well on the points of advantages but how many people are actually aware of affecting sides of Technologies!!? Only people can solve these problems by using technologies properly & for Mankind only. We can overcome all problems if try to do so. It is not an impossible way to do so but to have more carefull from crimes…..These are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Rising of Advanced Technologies & it’s effects in our life.

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