Web-technology with applications– Now the most useful & professional field to learn about the Internet Web-World Deeply!!

          Websites are now the medium of Learning, Entertaining, Business(E-Commerce), Banking, Online Payments or transactions, Watching Movies or listening Music,  Watching Sports or news,  Booking for Travelling , Photography Editing-selling & other orientations for business in photography fields, Software Project working, School-College-Universities(admission purpose), Social media sites, Online book reading, blog or article writing, Job purpose, Apps Sites, Personal preference or needs for work etc. All are now  possible with the help of these digital ways by spreading  it among a large number of people. Things are now depended & mostly easy to available on these online mediums through internet which are proceed by individual sites. Even people are became now so much addicted in this digital world as it is the easiest way to serve anything as we need. On the other hand, people are also interested to make their own sites for their business purpose or for any personal preferences. Everything are now easy to make for your own serve and even they are so active to share their experiences of Website working  in the social medias…..
You can also make your own site as well as take it to an international level. There is also a huge competition exists here, moreover, besides of making your own site you have also be careful about the cyber crimes like hacking or phishing to make your site or business more safe and also to keep visitors safe to visit your site with updates.
Web technologies have their own potential in which you can make your own kingdom and so that you can also be a part of this tech-world. Internet is now the most essential factor in our daily life to use.

Now Web -technologies has several parts or division to describe…only one article like this is not so efficient to say all details about different types of web-technologies but can be described a few things.

Web Designing : First of all,  the most primarily used markup language for making or to designing the websites  is known as HTML(Hyper-Text-Markup-Language). HTML has now more than one version to use. Although there are many developing-tools, social-apps, designing software or even many web-applications  like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Graphics, Drawing tools are available to creat & design websites more easily without even having the knowledge of HTML properly. These tools and software are now very  useful to design websites, just need to have proper skills and ideas to design & make it attractive. It may be so useful but a Web Designer to himself will prefer to write his own  code to creat a design for his sites. Actually HTML can be said the physical structure of a website. Adding CSS to HTML means making the site more attractive with unique ideas & styles. CSS is the field of designing  in the HTML body part to make the apperance of a website more bright & attracitve & also helps to set the  Font size, Font- color, Background color, Internal Formats with varieties of designs. By definition CSS is the Style Property of HTML. Without CSS,  HTML will be nothing to execute. CSS makes the HTML body part more designful.

Web Developing : After completion of adding CSS to HTML files, to make the site or webpage alive to response , programming languages like Php(Server-side Language), Javascript, Oracle(Database Language), SQL, MySQL, VisualBasic are used to implement it. Mostly, Javascript & Php are used to execute webpages. These programming languages are used to create all the responsive-features that will make the webpages more interactive, will validate all the features & functions of the Forms(such as Sign Form or Login Form or Contact Form or Registration Form, Newsletter Form etc.), will make the webpages more able to check the given inputs in the needed documents which will be submitted by the client into the web-site or server and  will also help to create the internal active connections between the server of user & client to loading & publish all the necessery informations an to proceed with many more purposes & fucntions in that web page. Javascript is used widely & mostly considered as the necessary one as it is the easiest programming language to develop a webpage. So, a beginner should have to gain knowledges about these programming languages to make his webpage or site more responsive, attractive, interactive with various types of impressive features & functions.

Now, besides of these web designing & web developing processes, other web technologies are also included in it. That maybe any device, software, server-side apps or digital tools etc. Many candidates are now so much interested in these web technologies, included with web designing & web developing techniques & programmings. Aspirants are involved in these fields to make the web-world more designed, interactive & powerful. There are so many programmers are now in research also to make more kinds of several web developing programming languages to make web-technologies more efficient & liable. Internet is now the platform where everyone can establish themselves with more creativity & with more professional skills. On the whole, the Internet-Web-World is became the most important & essential part of our daily life to make ourselves more updated & fast.

So, now the Digital Way of Creativity can be said  “The modern & classical definition of Web Programming with Web technologies. 

Thank you

author : Rajdeep Das
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Author: Rajdeep Das

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